Friday, 30 March 2012


a family portrait I made for my Bro for Xmas..I'm the pink one!!
I've been away from blogland for some time again..I'm amazed I ever found the time to write posts several times a week! Life seems to have upped the pace and Ive spent  a lot of time in the hospital with my fabulous 89yr old nan. My Mothers day involved finding my nan collapsed on the floor of her bungalow in a very sorry state. I am so thankful that I happened to be going to see her that day, as I usually only visit once a week with my little terror boy on a Tuesday. Also, my folks were on holiday and had been away a week and still had another week to go. You never can tell where the twists and turns of lfe will lead you..I really hadn't imagined my Mothers day spent in Casualty until 1 in the morning! But thankfully, nan is doing really well and is due to return home tomorrow.

Although it's been a stressful and tiring couple of weeks, I have spent hours and hours chatting with my nan and I now know a whole lot more about my many stories of my family and of life in the wartime. I've really enjoyed that part of it, sometimes it takes a big shake up of things to show you how important family are.

There have also been babies born, the lovely Chloe had her babe at home (I'll leave her to tell the details!!). it seems quite profound that I should see a baby, just a few minutes old on Saturday and then my dear old Nan at deaths door on Sunday. Ah well, the wheel keeps turning...I enjoy the ride but I'm pretty tired right now...and on that note I say farewell for now! 

Hope all you fellow bloggers are well and happy...hooray for family and hooray for friends! just wouldn't be the same without you crazy bunch 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Whoaaaah slow down could it be that my last post was nearly a month ago..? There's been tantrums galore and mummy meltdowns aplenty and even a little crafting going on...but no progress, as yet, in the craft crap room!
Exterminate..we have come to destroy your brain...and sanity!

Just thought I'd treat you to a delightful sneak look at my amazing organized simplicity (NOT!!!!) in action...this is taken from where I sit. Its the carboot loot pile which I am casually adding things to as and when I unearth them. Oh, and the boxes of beer are not a sign of my decent in alcolohism..I just work in an off licence and need lots of boxes...honest!! In 2 weeks time (when I try to flog it all at a carboot)this will be gone and I begin to eek out a creative space, but until then...the stash grows!
oh the shame :(
On a lighter note..Ive managed to make a few little things, on my ironing board, as it is the only worktop in the room at the moment. This was for a friends little boy. They are fiddley to make but worth the effort I reckon.
another sketchy card!
Fortunately there's been some fab sunny Spring days lately and the kids have been playing outside a lot. We bought some massive chalks and the kids have now covered pretty much every surface in the garden, including the table and chairs, the walls, the fence, the shed.....
 So nice to have 5 minutes peace though...a rare thing these days!

Well chickadees, got to go and sew now, got an idea involving a very small owl, a hare, a fox and a little bird! Watch this space...

Hope you are enjoying Spring or Autumn, depending on which side fo the globe you're at!? 

Peace, love and all that hippy stuff to ya xxxxx

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