Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Full moon antics

Last night I ventured all the way up to Paignton, a good ol' hours drive, to see a very fab friend of mine. We've known each other since school, so it's been about 16 years now...woah! It always seems to happen, quite coincidentally , that the evenings we meet up nearly always occur on a full moon! We decided we will call ourselves the moon kin ...or munkins for short! 

Although Paignton is a traditional old fashioned  English tourst resort by day, at night it is really quite spectaluar. We had a lovely walk across the beach and down the promenade. The full moon looked amazing.

 I made this little nest for my friend as I'd bought my crafty kit with me and wanted to show her my new obsession.  She chose some blue green beads for the eggs and we adorned her hair with a few pheasant feathers for fun. 
My friend has just begun weaving baskets after taking a few classes. She made this one, which was sat looking lovely and full to the brim with wool. I do love a glowing fire on a cold winters night!
and finally, I will be off at a party tomorrow night with the kids and about 15 other kids..waaah! So I'd like to wish you all a happy halloween! Have fun where ever you are!
Love Dotty

Friday, 26 October 2012

New beginnings...

Hello and welcome!
After last weeks lovely findings (a beautiful and tiny Goldfinch nest  ) I was feeling rather inspired so I set about making my own little version in homage to the clever birds! I created this dinky nest by needle felting using wool rovings, moss, threads and sheeps wool I've gathered on my wandering walks.  Its adorned with little bead eggs, glass/wooden bead berries and glass leaves. 

I played around making a few different types of nest with differebnt colour crystal bead eggs.
I thought they would make quite a fun hair clip,the one shown below is a bit sketchy but if I can get the design right I'm sure they'd look great. I like the idea of birds nesting in my wild hair!

This mama and baby cow were watching on during the photo shoot!
We went walking up at Minions, Cornwall and attempted to walk to the top of the Cheesewring.
Here's little J having a cuppa and in the distance is the cheesewring...a long walk away for little legs!
 but he made it to the top! I had to stop a bit earlier on with Miss M who was not feeling so well. The moors are such a stark yet beautiful place. It feels so wild up there and there are always horses, sheep and cows wondering about amongst the ancient stone circles and ruins of old tin mines. It's realy magical.

I'm now attempting to make some more nests to sell at upcoming Christmas craft fairs but I' having a hard time  pricing them. It's always hard to put a price on something you've made, especially when it's quite labour intensive. I do enjoy making them and my brain is whirring with lots of new ideas now. Birds, birds, birds and BIRDS!! 

I'm joining up with Fiona from the Raindrops and daisys blog for another Greenday link up.

Well my lovelies, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Love Dotty

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Home Sweet Home

I was crazy happy today to find this tiny little moss and sheeps wool nest in the hedge opposite the house. The hedgecutter had been rather brutally cutting back all the growth and it revealed this little perfect bundle hanging off one of the branches. It so small and pefectly made...I thought I couldn't love and admire birds anymore...but I have a new found respect! I would love to have seen how small the eggs must have been that were hatched in it. I've been reading up on different birds nests on the computer and it seems likey that it's a Goldfinch nest. I will forever be scouring the hedges now in the hope of spotting another one! 
I'm linking up with Fiona over at  Raindrops and Daisys for another Greenday.

Wishing you a warm and joyous weekend...I'm feeling the need for a bonfire! 
Love Dotty

(and I must add that it has inspired a most brilliant idea..I'll share it with you once I've had a go at making it...yey!! Thank you mother nature!)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Giveaways Galore!!

I've just...(very naughtily) spent an hour or so blog hopping and have not only found some fastastic new bloggers but some fab bloggers that are hosting amazing and generous giveaways!

Heres the findings...

Firstly there is a giveaway for these gorgeous crochet flowes and butterflies at lazydaisyjones blog.
and then there is stitchesandseeds blog for this gorgeous bag and hair pins!

and finally a giveaway at vintagesheetaddict blog for these fantastic vintage wallpaper cuttings and a fab n groovey handmade cushion!

I would be over the moon to win any of these but I thought I should share the chance to win with all you lovely folk too! Have a go and even if you don't enter, just take a peek at their blogs!! They are brill!

Good luck to all!!
Let me know if you win!!
Love Dotty 

Monday, 15 October 2012

New kid on the block

Hi all!
Just a note to say I'm now on Facebook and would very much appreciate your support in promoting the page by "liking"  it! You can find the Facebook link button by scrolling down the page. It on the right side under the "Follow" icon. 
  Also I've been sewing tails a' plenty today! Dalmations and Leopards today and foxes and cats tomorrow! I'll be onto an ear making spree after that! Please message me if you are interested in the tails. They will be in the etsy shop at some point. I'm making these lot for the school fair but I can make more to order...or let me know if there is another type of animal tail you would like! :)

Love Dotty

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Doodles and dancing

I've been making an effort lately to try out some new techniques and play around a bit more with stitching, painting, applique and embroidery. There is so much inspiration out there it's hard to know where to start!! I shall be consulting the Stitchin fingers for help!

I had a play about yesterday with some fabric paints. I haven't touched them since I bought them of my course tutor about 5 years ago. This was the resulting sketchy doodle..
Freehand machine embroidery over fabric paints

It's still a work in progress, I'm going to finish stitching with the machine and then adds some handstitched details and texture. Sketchy but fun.

Also, some further adventures of the magpie!. This is the little chap I sewed for M a few months ago. There are more pictures on this post.
Our kitten (soon to be my mums) was rather interested in Mr Magpie..or Sparkle as Miss M calls him!

and finally, a few pictures for my Raindrops and Daisys Greenday Link up. To take part you just need to share a few pictures on the green theme and you can check out lots of other inspiring pictures from around the globe too.
Beautiful Tribal Bellydancers
 I took these picture a few weeks ago at a Hafla (Bellydance Party) that I went to. The Tribal Dancers always have the most beautiful costumes. Here's another..
Their dances are really Earthy and powerful and I always feel quite moved when watching them. They are gorgeous ladies! What I love about Bellydance is that it celebrates the beauty and power of women and its just REALLY good fun to do!
yet another lovely rainbow! We've had a lot lately!
 Sorry this has been such ecclectic and long post, my brain is a bit all over the place at the moment!

Hope you are well and happy!
Love Dotty

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bird brain!

It seems a bit odd to me but whenever I set out to come up with a new design, I'll get all the materials out that I want to work with and just see where it leads me...but this seems to be be just MORE BIRDS!! However, I must say I was particularly fond of these little lovelies that featured on a card made for a friends wedding anniversary.  I know it's a cliche, but hey ho, I just can't help myself! 
It's no secret......I LOVE BIRDS!
and the last time my fab friend asked me to make an anniversary card for her Mr, I came up with this dancing duo. So thankyou buddy! Your anniversaries are a good source of inspiration! x
I also made this (non bird related!!) card for a friends birthday. I'm so twee!
 and I FINALLY finished the butterfly wings...but my camera battery just died so I'll have to show you pictures on the next post! 

oh and I nearly forgot!! Theres a great GIVEAWAY for this beautiful plate with a fab bird design by Donna Wilson over at the little birdie  blog. Its a lovely and inspiring blog so go and have a peek! 
Take Care Lovelies 

I'm link up today with the manic monday party at the Sewhappygeek blog. You can link up with anything you've created be it food, sewing, card making etc etc.. There are plenty of other inspiring bloggers to check out!.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fun of the fair!

I shared a stall with Chloe from the woolly soup blog at the school fair on Saturday.

and here are some of Chloe's gorgeous creations...
and I just had to have this little foxy fella for my very own!!
and I got a few other fab pieces for some friends!!

Also, on Saturday morning the skitchbook arrived in all its loveliness! See the post about it here.
I am a very happy bunny and it's inspired me to have ago at hand embroidery!
 Wishing you all a happy week
Love Dotty

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