Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's so very nice to have mice!

Well hello there lovely bloggy folk...I'm feeling an awful lot better now...finally. Still suffering a bit from some allergy or other but sooooooo much better than last week! It's good to be back!

I must tell you about a most lovely little crafty swap I did with the fabulous blogger Miss Lazy Daisy Jones. I sent her a book that she was desperately seeking and a butterfly brooch and she sent me not one...but 3 beautiful little crocheted mice...and some crochet flowers...and ribbon...and fabric...and 2 bouncy balls for good measure! ! They are so very very lovely..the little boy mouse in the stripey jumper just makes my heart flutter! I'm a very lucky and very happy birdy indeed.
What a fab parcel to get in the post..I'm sure you'll agree!
It was packaged up so nicely I didn't want to ruin it!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Miss Daisy ♥

Do go and say hi over on her is a bright and cheerful place with lots of crafty goodness and retro beauties!

I feel very lucky to have met so many talented and lovely bloggers since I began blogging 2 years ago. ooh I'm having one of those emotional gushing moments but I have to say that I really really appreciate all your visits and comments and I love to read all your blogs too. It's like a whole other world that I live in...a wonderful place where people understand why I obsessively craft every given moment and why the junk that I buy from charity shops and carboot sales is so very important to me.

It's so lovely to have met you all., a virtual world cyber spacey way! I'm sure we'd all have a lot to yap about over a cuppa if we met in the real world! ...and if you do find yourselves in my neck of the woods here in Cornwall do drop me a line..I'd love to say hi! :)

Well folks, I'm going to collapse into a heap now..been standing around at a craft fair all day and I'm cream crackered....the Craft fair didn't go well by the way..but met some very gorgeous all worth while!

so long and have a fab Sunday! xxx
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