Friday, 28 September 2012

Craft Room Chaos, Cards....and Birdhouses

I have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting delivery of my printed greetings cards and business cards...and at last they have arrived!

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, the Owl cards in particular came out really well. Its hard to tell the difference between them and the original. 
and a congratulations card.
I had intended to get many more printed but it took me a crazy amount of time/faffing to work out how to reduce the file size and a bit of photo shop trickery to cover up blemishes from where they had scanned badly. I will definately be getting more done though! 

I've been making a batch of these cheery birdhouse hairclip holders this morning. They are also really handy for clipping freezer bag clips on too!

and here's a peek at the craft room chaos that has been building over the last week. I'm constantly dragging pieces of felt and cotton around the house and a certain little kitten, known as Stumpy, has been adding to it by playfully ripping open the bags of fabric scraps and leaving them strewn about too..oh joy!
These will all be up in the etsy some point...ahem (I'll get there eventually!)

Hope you're having a fab Friday
Love Dotty

oh...and I must give my little brother a mention. He is doing a sponsered Skydive today to raise money for two amazing charities. Go Stuey!!!!

I'm linking up today with Lakota from the faith, hope and charity shopping blog for Tah Dah Tuesday! You can link up too or jus have a mooch around at the other link up participants!

Monday, 24 September 2012

hoot mama

Will I never tire of Owls...? Perhaps not me thinks! I am doing a stall at the school fair on Saturday and I'm sewing like a crazy woman to get some goodies ready for it! I am known by my nearest and dearest as 'Last Minute Lisa'.
I picked up the funky yellow floral fabric on one of my charity shop raids when I was visiting my nan up in Hertfordshire...a most pleasing find indeed! I've been wanting to use it for a while now. The floral fabric on the wings was a skip find (note..I have washed it!).

 and I've made a run of these lovely Congratulations cards. The fabric was (yet another) fab charity shop find. You can't beat a bit of floral 1970's fabric!
and finally, little Miss M wanted butterfly wings for her birthday. I went a bit crazy and chose the most detailed and long winded way of making them so unfortunately they were not ready for her birthday yesterday...oops! They are rather lovely though and I'm about 75% done now. Here is a sneak pic of them in the making...
Lots and lots of reverse applique and some hand sewing of beads and whatnot to do too.

Well I've got to run off and put two over tired kids to beddybyes so I can get on and do MORE sewing!

ooooh and I must mention a fab giveaway by the talented lady Tracey English over at her blog.
Here is a pic of one of her gorgeous cards...
The giveaway is for a pack of 5 cards from her etsy shop. See the blog for details. The winner will be picked on Friday 28th! Fingers crossed ay!

.hoot hoot

Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I entered a giveaway over at the lovely Hoola Tallulah blog for a skitchbook (pins n needles and general sewing mabobbins case) and I actually won! This loveliness will be winding its way down to Cornwall...

 I am one super happy bunny! Thankyou Hoola Tallulah for such a generous and fabulous giveaway! (which has reminded me yet again that I haven't got round to doing my'll be soon...promise!)


Friday, 14 September 2012

Owl Owly owl Owl

I've been having another flurry of activity sewing these little guys n gals...
 they look a like a tribe of zombie owl folk like before their eyes are sewn!!
 and then in a state of perpetual shock once the eyes are on!

hoo hoo me?? you looking at me!!!!?...
I'm making a run of these owly folk so I can put some up for sale in the etsy /  big cartel online shops. I'm still trying to work out the cost of making them and how long they take but they'll be listed within the next week. They can be personalised with any name or room name that you like..I can even make branches loger or add extra branches for extra names!  There will be a range of different colours and patterned fabric for the wings to choose from.

I saw this little birdy sat on the cable outside the kitchen. He's a great fat wood pigeon..a regular visitor! He made a brilliant silhouette against the evening sky so I thought I'd take a pic to share.

Hope you're having a fabba week
Love Dotty

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lovely lovely things..

 A random post but had to share the loveliness of People Trees latest collection...this dress must have been made for me..I love the colour, the cut, the Owls...ooh the Owls and that it Organic and Fairtrade..phew thats a lot of love for a little dress. Unfortunately my bank account does not love the dress so here's to dreaming of the beauty (and hoping there just happens to be a super sale with my size left..hmmm unlikely me thinks!)
People Tree | Orla Kiely Red Owl Dress

I know its shallow and I'm generally a ranting anti capitailst kinda girl..but damn those eco ethical clothes pushers are good!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Like Peas in a Pod

I made this little pea pod clip holder for a friend. She wanted one to put in her kitchen to hold the bag clips on. I need to make some more of the  birdhouse haircip holders too..I've added it to the infinite to do list.....

 The original birhouse design is shown below.
 I've also been out gathering apples for the coming chutney making bonanza!

and (yet another!!) shot of the beautiful Cow Parsely Seed Pods.

Also, please take a look over at the beautiful photographic work of Dawn over at At Home With Red blog. I love her still life work..I especially love the cherries pic! She is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the opening of her online shop over at etsy. Although greedily I would very much like to win a print...I thought I'd share the loveliness with you all too! 

and a final random note..I am selling my sewing cabinet, it is very much like a Horn Sewing Cabinet and has a air lift for raising the machine and a good sized work top. I just thought I'd mention it in case sany of you local craftsters were interested. It's £50..a bargain indeed! 

I'm joining up again with Fiona's Grenday link up over at Raindrops and Daisys. Must go and check out this weeks offerings!

 au revoir  
(I'm learning French...very slowly!!)


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Inspired by Nature

It's been a few weeks since the last post and I seem to be overloaded with things I'd like to show you and tell you about! I've been away with Mr Dotty and the kids visiting family and friends and have been to some fabulous and inspiring places. (I was super glad to get home though...I'm such a home bird and there's nothing like being away to make you realise how crazy hectic the kids are!)

These first pics from our outing today. We visited the Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary at Buckfastleigh. I was like a little kid walking around gawping at the stunning butterflies! They are so incredibly beautiful though. Nature is awesome! 

The Otters were really sweet to see too.

 I finally finished making little M's she is. M named her Lullabelle!

She is lovely and I'm on a mission to make an Owl now.

These poppy heads were in a friends garden, I love their silhouettes.

I'm joining up with Fiona over at Raindrops and daisys for another Greenday link up. I need to get on over there and check out this weeks offerings!

Enjoy the Summer Sun (if you in my hemisphere!!)
Love Dotty 

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