Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A hoot at the craft fair

Firstly, I'd like to say thankyou for all your lovely and supportive comments on the last post! The little Christmas Craft fair was brilliant. I met a lot of fabulous folk and sold a lot of things! I ended up selling out of quite  few bits including the butterfly, dragonfly brooches and the birdhouse hairclip holders! I'm a happy bunny ...albeit a very busy one now as I try to replenish stock before the next fair on Friday..waaah!

Here's a pic of my little dotty pitch..

 The Owl folk all lined up and ready to go!

Also, somewhat randomly in the midst of butterfly and nest making I made this rather funky monster hat for Chloe's daughter to wear to her monster theme birthday party. Her ma has made her a most fabulous tail too! 

 and finally...what to do with this little thingmajig that I've made...?

 Its small, rather twee! and I'm not sure whether to sew it onto something bigger..or make it into a hair clip or brooch? Any ideas....send them on a virtual postcard to the Dotty one!

Take care and wrap up warm (or put your suncream on if your the other side!!)
Love Dotty

Thursday, 22 November 2012

an oh so brief update...

In between some minor flooding in the hallways, making christmas puds and looking after the kids whilst Mr Dotty is away with work I've managed to finish the butterflies, nests, tails, owls....

Here'ss a little peek of some of the finished goodies.

I'm really pleased with the boxes as packaging for the mini nest brooches and pins. They are made from 100% recycled fibres from post cosumer waste and industrial waste. The company is called Tiny Box Company. I have hand stamped them with a little nest and a bird. I have larger versions of the same box to put the tails in..pics to follow!

Well, must run. The first craft fair is tomorrow! I'm both excited and nervous to see what folk make of my ecclectic handmade wares!

I will be putting some in my Etsy shop soon but if there is anything you are interested in please email me! littledottybird@hotmail.co.uk.

Take Care
Love Dotty

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

In the midst of crafting chaos!

I've got my first craft stall next Friday, it's a lovely little one held at a lady's house and it sounds like it going to be super Christmassy  with an open fire, lots of Christmas lights and mulled wine!

I am, as usual, in a crazy last minutre crafting frenzy as the dealine approaches...here are some pics of the piles of semi made craft stuff lying around the house!!
There are plenty of nests, eggs, butterfly and dragonfly bodies mid production. I really need to get a move on! Unfortunately both kids were off ill today so the crafting has slowed up somewhat!
I still have about 50 pairs of ears to thread onto elastic. They have taken me a lot longer than I'd planned for...but we live and learn.

Finally, I've just (in a very sketchy fashion) painted a hatstand red. I'll be using it to display my tails...well thats the theory, I'm not too sure how it will all look yet!
Well gotta run now and resume mama duties...and try to sneak a little crafting in too!

Take Care
Love Dotty
and for no other reason than it made me laugh...here is a picture of my ma's daft cat Stumpy asleep! He must have over heated next to the Aga and attempted to move...but then just gave up!

 p.s aaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh James is destroying my craft room as I write this!! messy messy mess mess!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Winter Butterflies

I've had this idea rattling around my brain for some time now and, as usual, I've decided on making it now because I am super busy and have lots of other things I should be doing!

The wings were made by sewing fabric onto a felt backing and then I drew the details on using freehand machine embroidery. For the body I needlefelted a fat body shape with wool then wrapped it with embroidery thread. Unfortunately some of the thread slipped off of the body so I'll have to make sure I sew in and anchor it better next time. It was originally going to be a brooch but I though it looked quite fun as a hairclip instead! I'm going to make some more for the craft fairs and maybe a few dragonflies too! 

Well, I must go and sew some more ears now...about 30 to go...waaah!

Hope you are inspired and feeling the creativity flow too !!
Love Dotty xxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little Owl LoVe

I've been thinking about making a few smaller things for the upcoming stalls and I came up with this mini Owl brooch/hairclip. He's rather cute and has already been claimed by my daughter, Little Miss M!! My brain is going on overdrive with ideas, which always tends to be the case when I've got lots and lots to do!! I am the Queen of procrastination!
I'll post another pic when he's actually finished...I have so many works in progress it's getting a little crazy!

Wishing you a lovely week...Wednesday tomorrow...half way to the weekend..hooray!

Love Dotty 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter Warmer!

Following my evening spent with a dear friend (see this post ) I had a revelation...I have always, for as long as I can remember (mostly since discovering the band Nirvana) wanted red hair! We were talking about things we'd like to do and the way we'd like to look (shallow but fun conversation!). Anyways..the next day I got out the hair dye "real red", that has been sadly hidden away in my cupboard for a few years! and I did it..so I'm now the proud owner of very fiery red hair and I love it!

and here it is!...
 and for those of you who have no idea (or don't really care...sorry!!) what it looked like before..
Sorry to bore you with my hair adventures...I don't normally blog about such things but I'm just very excited about it...and I'm even getting a haircut tomorrow (a rare treat indeed..I usually have about one or two a year!!)

Well, take care my lovelies, wishing you winter warmth or summer cool...depending on your hemisphere!!

Love Little Red Dotty

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