Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A little rant about time, stuff and things


Help....It feels like time is speeding up to a ridiculous pace. I'm feeling a little swamped by the many demands made by myself and others (kids mostly) lately. I think the feeling was triggered by finding a "to do" list under a huge pile of paper mess that had accumulated on the kitchen worktop (which collapsed and fell to the floor...hence the clear out). The list was from over 2 months ago and as I read through it only 2 things had actually been done...all the rest and many more remain. 

Its all pretty trivial stuff but it sure does mount up. Just really feel like I need to pause life for a month or so to catch up with myself...if you know what I mean!!??  I realise the irony that Im faffing about writing this when I could be doing something off the list but...Ive just spent most of the day building combine harvesters out of duplo, pillow fighting, eating sand cakes and sand tea at little J's cafe, cookin, bein a skivvy etc etc etc and I wanted to indulge myself for a moment!  

On a lighter note, I bought a window feeder for the birds and its amazing, the little fellas are constantly feeding from it. Its so lovely to see them up close. Its mostly Blue Tits and Great Tits (such unfortunate names!) that use it. Gorgeous little critters, such funny skinny little legs!

sorry.. rant over...I do realise how incredibly fortunate I am to have the life I have...but a little pause button would just be rather fab!

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Moon Crafting

I am a real night owl crafter...just got home from checking out another craft fair and had the urge to get crafting. A friend (the lovely Chloe) asked me to make some headbands for her and the girls so off to work I went! I'm hoping that they fit OK but they are very easy to alter. I'll do a little tutorial on making them when I get a moment! Hopefully I can get some pics of the girls wearing them (have added some pics now!), its always hard to tell how something will look on.
and a little dotty one for me!
 I'm liking my new sewing room, I can't wait to get organised in there...big desks and LOTS of shelves and storage...and lots of pretties on the wall too.
The "Sewing Room"....Big Mess!

New Moon Greetings to you All
Headbands as modelled by the gorgeous Jess and Milly..thanks girls
 sweet x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Flower Power and Owls

Owls owls and more owls…
more Owls on the production line.
I also picked some of the Calendula flowers to dry, there are still quite a few flowers about as there’s been no frost yet. A lovely blast of colour on a somewhat grey winters day. 

I had a wicked weekend. I went to an amazing craft fair at Cowslip Studios, Launceston, and met a great many inspiring and talented crafters, including Kirsty from  Sixty One A, Angela from The English Romantic, I bought a beautiful little wood engraving print  of a moongazing hare from the Inky Otter. Also oggled the lovilness of the machine embroidered art from Cat Rowe at Textile Illustration. 
I bought some gorgeous brooches from Claire from “Elsie Hates Harvie”. She had a stall filled with the most beautiful pieces of jewellery made from vintage pictures, beads and vintage spectacle lenses! Most unique and fabulous! I’m going to drop her a line to check if its alright to post some pics of them.
Finally…we had a major shift around of rooms yesterday and have now started to create a studio room for me to do my sewing in..yey. Will post a pic as soon as it stops looking like a dumping site for all the clutter that was unearthed during the shift around! 
Well folks, hope your keeping warm and merry
Sorry I’ve been super slack on visiting all your lovely blogs of late, I’ve been a bit manic of an evening lately. Will catch up with you through the week.
hoot hoot

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Crafty Folk

I had a little pitch today at a village craft fair. I met some fantastic arty crafty folk and had a lovely day yapping, drinking tea and eating cake (someone had made gluten free cakes...yeeeyy).

The space was quite limited so stuff was pretty crammed in! I was pitched next to an amazing Mosiac and mixed media artist Georgie Bruce. Here's some pics of her work (my photography skills are fairly poor..so it really does not do the work justice!)

I've got my eye on this one!

and I bought some beautiful little works of art from her, they are greeting cards but I'm going to frame them. They are mixed media and she re uses anything that captures her eye..feathers, wrappers, magazines, cotton...
The lovely Liz Lynch had a stall there too, the event is co-organised by her to raise money for charity. She makes gorgeous cards and all manner of sewn loveliness, I'll post some pics of her cards soon...I bought some last year but they are too nice to give away, they'll be framed too!  

All in all I'm feeling pretty knackered from weeks of midnight sewing but its been worth it, I've met some inspiring and beautiful folk and I've had really valuable feedback...not to mention a few orders for the owl doors signs and hairclip holders....yey!

Wishing you a fab week 
BIg up the Cornish CRafting scene!!! There is so much talent around these windswept shores!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hafla fun

Last weekend me and my Ma and little Miss M went to a Halfla (bellydancing party). It was the first time I've taken M to anything like that and she loved it. I also plucked up the courage to dance my first dance in front of the group.

The Hafla is basically a big get together of all the bellydancing groups around our little part of Cornwall and Devon. Each group does a dance or two in front of the other groups, and its beautiful to watch as there are so  many variations of dancing. One of my favourites (apart from our little group of course!) is the tribal dancers.The music is hypnotic and their moves are slow and graceful and very strong. They also wear the most gorgeous outfits, many layered skirts and tribal tattoos!
Gorgeous Tribal bellydancers
 My first dance! (I'm hiding at the back on the right, wearing a purple top)

Its a bit daft but I jumped up to dance (a last minute decision) and then got really nervous and was shaking like crazy, apparantly you couldn't tell!

 And here M and her friend watching the show
and M, who was so shy at the beginning decided to do her own show in front of everyone, they were all clapping and cheering her on. She had some pretty good moves, I was most impressed!

Bling bling ka ching! 

Wishing you all some blinginess, wiggles and sunshine in your day 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Owl LoVe

I came up with idea of making a owl themed door name hanger after buying some rather lovely little brass owls at a charity shop yesterday.
I'm going to make an adaptation of it to sell on the upcoming craft stall, hopefully other folk are as mad about owls as me...? 

Retro owl loveliness...
more owl cards...
I'm going to leave future cards blank as I've decided I'm not so keen on the stamping anymore. it would mean that they could be sent for any occasion rather than just birthdays. What do you reckon???

and some birdhouses!
The birdhouse is a hairclip holder, I havent sewed the little chaps eye on yet!

Hoot Hoot

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A to Z of me me me

Just a little (but very long)  insight into my life...as if you want know anymore! This is to help out my parcel swap buddy Middle Aged Drama Queen.
Here goes.....
A -  age :: Get up and run its thirty-one

B -  bed size :: king, although both our kids often end up in our bed too so I still end up on the edge, hanging on for dear life (and muttering grumpily to myself).

C. -  chore you hate ::I never Iron, we are a very crumpled clothes family...although Mr.Dotty irons his shirts!

D. dogs ::No pets here, I can't handle the thought of having to clean up poo and feed another animal...two kids are enough for me 
Also I add D:: for dressing up...I am a fool...I love it
Toof Fairy innit
E. essential start to your day ::I HaTe mornings, and what I  really love is a bit of peace and quiet to slowly ease me into the day...what I usually get is one or two kids climbing on me and nagging me for stuff..waah

F. favorite colour :: I particularly love fiery red/orange, like the colour of autumn leaves and sunsets. One day I will get the nerve up to dye my hair crazy pillar box red...Ive wanted to since I was 15...maybe when I'm 80
G. gold or silver ::Silver, I've never been a blingy sort of girl, but I transform when I'm in bellydancing attire into blingin jinglin gold n silver girl!

H. height ::5' 6" ish I'm destined to be the short-ass in the family as my man is 6' 6" and my kid are well lanky already. Its karma really becuse me and my bro always took the mick out of my mama for being little

I. instruments you play :: I learned to play classical guitar when I was younger then discovered Nirvana, jacked it in and bought an Electric guitar...which I was really crap at, but it looked cool!

J. job title ::Mama, crafter, shop assistant (in my folks off-licence) & skivvy.... I used to be a mental health support worker...I have a degree in Psychology....I had brains once, honest!

K. kids :: 2 - Girl (5) and Terror Boy (2)  

L. live ::  On a muddy old pig farm
(My landlords not mine!) in Cornwall, UK

M. Mothers name :: Madeline
N. nicknames :: Leese,  Leech(school friend) , Lullabelle (by my dad)
O. overnight hospital stays ::Burst Appendix when I was 7 and got taken in after having J at home.

P. pet peeve ::Rudeness, People driving too close behind me, bad stuff happening to good folk and good stuff happening to bad folk 

Q. quote ::
these are sayings really but my favourites are:
Where the thought goes the energy flows
Once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless
and a few less rosey ones....
Shit happens 
you can't polish a turd ! (I love that one ;) ) 

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings ::one brother, 2 yrs younger. He's a musician and a super top bloke and its his 30th this December, although in my mind he's only about 7!

T. time you wake up ::Usually get woken up between 6.45 and 7...I don't get up for a while though, i takes me ages to get out of bed.

U. Underwear:: yes I wear it??? I prefer U for Underwater weirdness...I wan't to see this little guy!

V. vegetables you dislike:: celery and cucumber (apart from in a nice glass of Pimms of course)

W. what makes you run late ::faffing about, being disorganised , trying to do too much but most of all.. ..never wearing a watch

X. x-rays you’ve had :: soon be having one on my hip, been playing up since I had Mr J.

Y. yummy food :: I love veggie food, I love alot of stuff that I shouldn't eat (i have wheat intolerance) but most of all....chocolate :)

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Don' really have a favourite but Ant eaters and Emus are pretty cool, my favourite animals are just plain old squirrels and foxes.

Well, not sure if this will help at all really with the swap! but thought I'd ramble on at you all anyway.

Take care my lovelies xxxx
Hope you all had a "merry" Samhain x
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