Saturday, 18 February 2012


Confession no. 1...I live in mess
I borrowed a book from a friend the other day called Organized Simplicity which has spurred me into a clearing out frenzy. I have been avoiding dealing with my ever growing stash of stuff for a long time but suddenly its time to get rid! It must be a Spring thing. The down side is that as I delve into the crud and try to sort I'm feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff I've accumulated over the years. Kids stuff, craft stuff, kitchen stuff...agggghhhh stuff. Anyway, todays mission was the "craft" room whih has become a catch -all for stuff that doesn't have a home in our home.

To cut a long story short, this is what I would like.....

This is what I have....

Bit of a way to go yet (an understatement indeed!) Unfortunately, you cannot put anything against the outside walls or it goes damp and we also have to squash in our wardrobes and drawers as our bedroom is only just big enough for a bed and nothing much else.My friend summed it up perfectly for me really when she said that she can't even begin to start simplifying because the reality is so far from the ideal catalouge style image you have in your head of how you want things.  Like I've said before, it really feels overwhelming, which seems quite ridiculous and such a spoilt western world problem but a feeling nonetheless! 

Confessions no.2... I spend way too much of the precious little of the child-free time I have staring googley eyed at the computer. Looking for inspiration, looking at other peoples lives, procrastinating and faffing about (like I'm doing now...)
I know I'm incedibly lucky to have a home and food and time to create but I feel ashamed at the amount of "stuff" that I'm consuming.  I will pay greater respect and attention to where products come from, how they are made and who they are made by. I have been doing this for a while but this past week has bought everything into focus. We need more room to breathe, play and create in and less stuff!

This years mantra   "Simplify, simplify, and simplify"

 and some inspiring quotes I'm loving at the moment...

... "Whatever we treasure for ourselves seperates us from others; our possesions are our limitations" Rabindranath Tagore

... "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"
William Morris

and I love this one ..."It is through creating not possessing that life is revealedVida D. Scudder

Peace x

(there are so many more confessions but I'll save the interesting ones for later ;) ha! )

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Icy Daze

I'm sad to say that its all thawed out now, but for a few fun days we had ice and no mud!!  Its weird to think that most of Britain has been covered in snow today , flights have been cancelled, people are snowed in but all we've had in Cornwall is rain, rain and rain!
We visited the Eden Project today and discovered this lovely lady in a wooded area. We have been there many many times before but generally only keep to the same path, so today, inspired by my friend Chloe we ventured in a new direction.

It's lovely to see all the snowdrops appearing in the woods amongst the fabulous twisted willow.
It is a really inspiring place to visit and full of imaginative ideas. The aim of the project is to promote awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable ways of living, growing and being. Its super kid friendly too and there's enough to keep them interested and happy.

Well my lovelies, hope you are well and enjoying the weather wherever  you are!
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