Friday, 31 May 2013


I haven't been around much lately as I've been feeling quite poorly for a while now. Unfortunately my crafting has temporarily ground to a halt....and I'm not a happy little bird when that happens :(

But... I have had a few lovely crafting projects over the past few months that I haven't shown you yet so I can show you those. But before all that..look at this beautiful little egg! It's a house sparrows and we found it half eaten on our garden mum nearly sat on it in fact! The nest belongs to a Goldfinch, I found it in the hedge a few months ago after the hedge cutter had brutally chopped it all down.

I've also been trying my hand at painting furniture, I started with this printers tray and I'm painting an old kitchen dresser..they are all unfinished...but I can't be ill forever right...!? So hopefully I will continue to glam them up in the near future.
I was busy making stock for Summer craft fairs, including these butterfly brooches, made with the most scrummy vintage fabric.
 and my most lovely new venture was into quilt making. I went on a day workshop a few weeks ago and it was soooo lovely! A whole day of just sewing and chatting and making something just for me :) it is also unfinished but I will get round to finishing off soon. The course was at the Liskeard Craft Box shop.. I thoroughly recommend it!
and is the the suspected culprit of my latest illness...I used to think they were so beautiful..I'm not such a fan now. There is a down side to living on a farm sometimes :(

Sorry this has been a bit of a 'poor me' post..I admit I am feeling rather sorry for myself lately. I'm glad to say that the Doctors may have found out why I've been feeling so exhausted and run down. I can't quite remember what the doctor said but it was something to do with having inflammation of the lungs and a few other infections...I am quite a little grotty bird at the moment. So this half deaf, wheezing, knackered little bird may not be around for a while..but don't forget about me..I'll be back. I will come and visit you lovely blogs when I get a chance later. 

Take Care my lovelies
Enjoy the Sun

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I bought a house

hehe...a very small house! It is a very dinky little 2 bedroom cottage, about 30cm tall!!
I think I regressed back to being a little girl when I spied it. It is rather shabby inside and needs some renovations...but nothing a bit of paint and paper cant fix! As soon as I saw it I could imagine little birds living in it! I must get making some super small little birdies to live there.  I thought it would make a good prop for using on my stall when I'm at craft fairs but after getting it home realised that I don't actually have anything  small enough to fit in it!  So now i must make things to match my prop!
I do buy the most random things...I really can't be trusted in charity shops..I banned myself for a while last year but he lure of other peoples trash is too much...I cannot resist their shabby charm!

Ah well, I'm sure I will find some purpose for it!

Have you had any bargain buys you feel the draw of the charity shop...carboot sale too?

Take care my lovelies,
Dotty xxx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Meet Miss Hoots mystery man

May I introduce Miss Hoot suitor...a rather dapper young (ish) fellow!! Oh...I don't know what to call him!! Any ideas for a name...?
There seems to be a bit of an awkward silence between them! Maybe things will improve after some cocktails and a dance!?

I will be making another prospective suitor for Miss Hoot later in the week..I think the next Gentleowl may have monocle or a pocket watch! Watch this space ;)

Monday, 6 May 2013

A busy busy Springtime!

Hello there my lovely blogging are you on this fine Spring day? I'm feeling mighty fine, albeit exhausted after looking after crazy kids single handed seeing as Mr Dotty chose the Bank Holiday weekend to be ill..waah! Poor Mr Dotty...I am so bad at giving sympathy!

I have been feeling very inspired lately, not sure if it's the Spring time vibe but ideas are emerging at quite a rate..but, alas,  I have so very little time to make them real!

But first...i must show you the most lovely little transistor radio I found at a carboot on Saturday. It cost all of 50p and I thought it would make a fab prop on my stall at craft fairs. I was even more happy to find out that it actually works and I now have to it tuned to a fabulous French radio station. ♥ I love it! ♥

and now on to some of my makes since the last post...

I was asked to make a tea cosy by my sons teacher. It is the first one I've made and I'm rather pleased! I think it may the first of many. I must make myself one next!
next..I was asked to make an owl cushion by a friend... meet Miss Hoot!

and I'm making a window panel for another friend..
and a crocodile tail for a little birthday boy! (a last minute pressie!)
and a card for my father in law...

and finally a new little project I'm working on!!
and LOTS of washing fabric while the sun is out


I am starting to panic a little though because I've booked in for quite a few craft fairs over the Summer and I really need to get making some stock. I just can't stop myself from taking on random orders though!

Well I hope you have had a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend too! Do let me know what you are up to...are you feeling inspired too?

Take care 
Love Dotty

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