Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Barn Owls and bugs!

Hello lovelies, I just realised its been 2 weeks since I last posted ..waah how time does fly! I thought I'd take this opportunity to write a quick post as I'm lying around feeling rather sorry for myself :( I have a tonsillitis and its horrid horrid horrid! 

Here are a few pics of projects I've been working on...

 A Barn Owl for my Mama's 60th Birthday! The pattern is adapted from Abilgail Glassenbergs 'The Artful Bird'. A very lovely book indeed and a very lovely Owl too!

He took quite a few hours t make, but he is a handsome chap and he looks lovely in their house. They are going to mount a piece of driftwood in the corner of the room and stand him on there.

I've also made a few more leaping fox brooches.

and finished off making some nests, hearts and bird feet...a random collection! It's surprising how productive I can be when I'm away from home, this lot got finished when I was babysitting!

and finally...I recieved the most beautiful papercut from Kirsty M as part of our craft swap. I made her a blackbird, a brooch and I am still thinking up a third piece to send her. She is s incredibly talented, I cannot believe how delicate and detailed the papercut is. I honestly don't feel worthy! I have had it framed, sandwiched between to sheets of glass and it now lives over my Rayburn. I am a happy happy bunny!
You can see the original papercut here... 'Our Love Nest'

Well, I hope you are well and happy :)

I'm back off to bed now..with more painkillers..waah! 

Take Care, 
Love Dotty xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Retro fabric foxy heaven!!

To cut a long story short...the other day I came across a lovely lady with a rather large stash of vintage and retro fabrics who was selling them for a donation to a charity she helps out with. I chose these pretty lot to take home with me! I am so very very happy indeed. Some of the prints seem so familiar to me, I must have had clothes made from them when I was a little bird!
I have been dreaming and scheming up many ideas for how I will use them. I really like the idea of making some half person/half animal woodland/bird folk so that I can make tiny clothes for them out of the retro loveliness. Some of the prints are so small they would lend themselves perfectly to tiny clothes.

My other new crafting fad has been foxes. I've been making a few of these foxy brooches using freehand embroidery to draw and colour in the fox. They do take rather a while to make and I'm pretty googley eyed by the end but I do like them so I'll make a few more and hopefully get some in my etsy shop. What do you think?


  Well, I must dash to bellydance now on this cold ,windy and wet evening!
Sweet shimmies to you all
Love dotty 

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