About the Bird

 I'm a Cornish bird living on a farm situated betwixt Saltash and Liskeard. I am hugely inspired by nature and it's birds in particular that fascinate me and bring me joy.

My crafting obsession began to take off after having my daughter in 2006 and I started out making these little button eyed folk. For quite a while they were being given as wedding presents, anniversay presents and birthdays....I do now wonder how many of my unfortunate friends ended up with a random crazy eyed creature in their home!  I had dreams of a great button eyed empire!

 I then took an evening class  in Creative Machine Embroidery. It was quite random really because I'd wanted to learn dressmaking but that course was already full so I just thought I'd take Machine Embroidery instead without much of a clue as to what it was or what in involved! I'm so glad that I did because the course taught me so many wonderful techniques and approaches to sewing.My tutor Wendy Dolan is an amzing artist and was such an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher.

 I still very much feel like I'm finding my style and I'm constantly flitting from one project to the next. That's all part of the fun though! I just love to make things!

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