Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May Tree Fair and other Summer Fun!

The little village of St Germans, where I used to live, have revived an old and most lovely festival. I'm still trying to find out what it was actually all about, but it was pretty pagan and lots of fun! There was lots of greenery worn by all and music, dancing, and a goddess looking lass riding a beautiful horse!

 The procession went through the village from the primary school to the pub via the stunning norman church.
the decorated May Tree

Tree entering the church

a big hippy wannabe!

my lovely daughter
 Also, on a most random note (excuse the pun!)...
 this is what happens when your 5 year old is very quiet for a good 5minutes...why she felt the need the write her name on all my post it notes and stick them to the window...why..? I do not know, but I did find it quite funny!
and this amazing portrait of the Queen! I thought it was crazy Simpsons hair but it was intended as the crown! The Queen also seems to be sporting a pair of fabulous green running shoes! Well she looks pretty happy and she certainly cheered me up! Loving the massive blue eyes too.

xxx  Anyways folks, hope you are all well and happy xxx

Do you have any random interesting festivities in your homelands?? Or do you know anything about the May Tree thing??

Love from the Dotty Bird x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

lovebirds dancin' a jig! (some new designs!)

Here's a couple of new card designs I've been tinkering with! This was commissioned for a friends wedding anniversary. When you wiggle the card about their legs move and they kinda look like they're doing a jig! Sadly, this amused me for some time!
and a card for my neighbour who I will miss massively...I'm so gutted they are gone :(
I handstamped the card with "Home Tweet Home" cos I love a corny pun!   
and this one for my blokes father's birthday. I drew little musical notes all around him.
I will be attempting to work on these designs in photoshop and get some prints done once I'm happy with the designs. Hopefully they will print out well, I'm still unsure of how the colour backgrounds will work, maybe I need to stick with plain to start with. Any tips from you arty folk would be much appreciated!

Well, take care my lovelies and I hope the weather has been as lovely with you as it was with us today!!

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