Monday, 30 April 2012

New craft room space!!

At last!!! I can actually get in the room and get sewing without having to faff about for hours first. It's all coming together now. I've got a desk and some rather gorgeous drawers which are now filled to the brim with fabric...lovely lovely fabric!!!
 Notice how I've carefully not shown the left side of the room...ahem...its still a work in progress!

 and the beautiful drawers...

and I have christened my new space by making some super last minute pressies for my mama's birthday.
A new bright little fella to keep the blackbird company. I love these little birds and I'm starting to get the hang of making them, although its still pretty time consuming and fiddley, they are well worth the effort. They are from the book The Artful Bird by Abby Glassenberg who writes the inspiring blog While She Naps.

I also made a few new cards using my new shape cutter tool toy by Fiskars and a butterflies stencil template.
  and I gave me ma a bunch of flowers picked from the garden and hedgerows around the house.

 Well folks, good day to you and hoping you have a fabulous and foxy week! xx

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