Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Elephant's Tale

Just finished making a family of mice and another strange little sock elephant creature! I am super last minute christmas crafting this year...I WILL start earlier next year!

eeeeeeeeek its nearly Christmas!

Just a softie robot and a t-shirt to do tonight...then I'm done..phew

Hope you all had a merry ol' Solstice..the days are stretching out again now although it doesn't really feel like winter has arrived here yet...I've no doubt its on its way though.

Thankyou so much to all you kind hearted folk who have joined me on my rambling journey, it's been so nice to meet all you all, there really are so many fabulously talented and inspiring folk out there. Its a strange virtual world but I am really enjoying meeting new friends and your comments motivate me to keep making and doing.

xx Thankyou xx 

Have a fabulous Christmas day of food , fun and merriment...and a bit of dancin n singin too of you like!

you are lovely

Friday, 16 December 2011

put the needle on the record

Just finished making this for my little bro. Its his 30th weird, I can't help but think of him (and his mates) as little 10 year old annoying boys! He's only 2 years younger so we were always pretty close growing up and we share the same somewhat demented sense of humour. He is one of the few people that can make me laugh til I cry!

Love you bro xxx Happy Birthday!

Its a fabric record on a stretch canvas frame. My brother is known as DJ Spinz ad his first album since his brain injury was called Global Assault...hence the globe image! The name comes from the time me and my dad visited the consultant at the hospital a week or so after the incident, when Stu was still in a coma and he described Stu's injury as as though there ha been a global assualt of the brain, every part was affected. Amazingly though, Stu is still Stu and is still able to make his music with help from some amazing friends and folk at Music Zone.  

I have also been busy sewing some little critters for my little girl. She said she wanted 108 mice for xmas??? Teddy ones that is, not the real ones, I'm sure theres a few of them up in the attic already! I was insanely chuffed to find this little dolls dresser in a antique/crazy loads of tat shop nearby! I thought it would make a brilliant home for the mice, I'm making a family of mice for each drawer, along with bedding. It needs a bit of TLC but I'll have it looking fab by xmas.

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the festive season/madness xxx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Lovely things for little folk

On the crazy night of the full moon I managed to make this little name sign for a new little Mister who arrived last Saturday. I have been making a few stuffed felt letters for friends kids but they are a bit fiddly to do and so I dropped the stuffing and opted for just sewing the letters together.
I also bought him this gorgeous little knitted sleepsuit. Its made by a friends mother in law, who is one super skilled lady.
its hard to get a senses of scale from the photo, but its really dinky for a newborn. I just love the little mittens! Oh how I wish I had the patience to knit :(
I've also been making more of these hairclip holders for friends, they have been quite popular.
but most importantly of all....dun dunnnn duuuunnnnn

................................ we got our xmas tree today, a lovely little potted pine to sit on our window sill.
check out all these crazy little fella's and creatures living on it...

I bought the Owls today.....they definately suit the dotty bird nest!

Festive greetings to ya'll 
Wishing you lots of merriment indeed!

Friday, 9 December 2011

By Definition...


a. Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
b. Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
c. Ridiculous or absurd: a dotty scheme.
2. Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.
3. Obsessively infatuated or enamored.
4.Marked with dots.
Today, on the eve of the full moon, I am feeling very much in category a., however with any luck I hope I can pull it off at b.? What is it about the moon that makes everything seem to boil to the surface, every month its the same and it always feels like I'm either surfing the tidal wave or being pushed under by it. It does however always inspire me to be creative, so I best go and get on with the sewing...and try to unravel my hectic thoughts as I go, stich by stitch.

A random post I know, but its all in the name! ;)

Wishing you all warmth and light xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Parcel Swap Pressies!!!

Yey...I recieved my parcel from my fabulous swap buddy Middle Aged Drama Queen. The swap was arranged Lakota at her blog Faith Hope & Charity Shopping.     
I really was stupidly excited about opening it, I waited until kids had gone to bed (a huge amount of restraint for me!) and look at the lovelies bestowed upon me....

Its great that someone I've never met in person has picked the most thoughtful and brilliant presents, which makes such a nice change from having to tell the Mr what to get me!!
my super wrinkly hand...what happened to me!?? I'm only 31??
Loving my Owl bling and a gorgeous paper wreath, which now hangs on my sewing room/big fat mess room door!  There is also some lovely craft paper, excellent for card making.

Also, a most excellent littl 70's book on crochet, which has instructions for making granny squares...which I love. Will definately be attempting at crochet again.

 and a fabulous Famous Five just don't hear that sort of language anymore... "I've worked Jolly hard at school this term" and "She's an awfully good sort". Jolly well spiffingly great!! and I still crack a smile everytime they mention Aunt Fanny and Dick...I'm such a immature kid at heart. Such an age of innocence.
These made me laugh too!
say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
I may wear them at work in rebellion against wearing the obligatory santa hat! Excellent!

oooh and how could I forget the superb chocolate truffles which did not last long at all in the presence of a mega chocolate addict! I am such a pig :)

Well, I really have to say a massive THANKYOU to my swap buddy  and apologise as my parcel is not yet in the will be this weekend, I'm looking forward to sending it. Its been fun getting to know my buddy, she is new to blogging like myself and I've really enjoyed putting her parcel together. Do go and check out her blog, and Lakota's too, they are both such witty writers and always make me smile.

Over and out xxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day

Its been a crazy sunny/rainy/sunny kind of day, which meant we got to see quite a few fabulous rainbows. I love how they brighten up a looming grey sky. I'm such a kid when it comes to rainbows, I still get excited and no matter how much I try and understand the how and why of them...they are just magic to me!

view from our kitchen window
We managed a trip to the beach yesterday amidst the showers and my man managed to take a few nice snaps along the way. Thats me and the kids clamering along the rocks. As you can see, the beaches on this side of the coast are pretty grey because of the slate and granite whereas the north coast beaches are just stunning white gold to take a trip up there soon.

All finished off with a trip to the cafe and a big hot chocolate and ice creams for the kids who don't seem to mind the fact that its freezing outside!

Wishing you warmth and sunshine in your week xx

Friday, 2 December 2011


Look a little worried doesn't he.....`
I think the needle was a little too close for comfort!...yikes

and yet more Owl LoVe by the Little Dotty Bird....
Personailsed name hanger
another fun Owl card!
  How many Owl related puns could there be????
Already used "Owl always love you"
"Owl my love"
etc get the idea!!
Please let me know any you can think of...or any daft sayings!

Thankyou xx

am off to the school Christmas fair now...let the chocolate fuelled madness begin!! 

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