Friday, 28 October 2011

Kitchen Crafting Chaos

Have just finished making a birthday card (ordered from a friend). Somehow, through extreme faffing and staring googley eyed at my stash of stuff I have created this mess....

and the small end product as seen in the centre of the mess...
Its kind of scrappy but that seems to be my style. Think Wabi Sabi and definate home madeness! Its good to be back on the ol' machine again though, it has been a while.
Well, must dash to clear it all away again. oh how I long for a studio to make mess in! 
night night

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Queen for a day

I recieved a lovely package in the post today! So rare but so nice to get something other than bills or double glazing ads!
Thankyou so much to Dawn from the gorgeous blog at home with red who gave away a print she did on a letterpress workshop. I can't wait to get it framed, it will be the first thing up on the wall of the soon to be (and long awaited) studio space...yey!
By Dawn Mead (
I have been a busy/manic/crazed bunny lately attempting to get some stuff to gether for an impendening craft stall on 12th November.

So far...lots of hearts, a few houses and a whole lot of mess!

aaahhh kitchen chaos again

Well, got to go sew some gingerbread men now! 
Take care
PeAcE & LOvE to ya'll xxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thats fashion baby.....or maybe not!?

I was "lucky" enough on Friday to be invited to a 1980's disco...yeah baby! I managed to find a rather rad little polyester number in the local charity shop for the pricely sum of £3, including a dress, jacket (with shoulder pads) and glitzy purse. Also, bizarrely managed to buy some original 80's hair crimpers from an old geezer at a table top sale in a local church...a nice touch to my 80's persona !'s the damage....

Before....a little twee me                                                    and after...

My new persona, the 80's vixon (aka Pat Butcher wannabe)
mmmm bucks fizz
and some pics of my fabulously gorgeous mates
 such a sexy mullet!

party on!

If only I could get the damn cheesy music out of my head...I keep humming Rick Astley and Flash Dance.


I'm linking up with the lovely Suphie from Her Library Adventures to share my wares!

Wishing you all a awesome week! x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dream Big

I got a lovely parcel in the post yesterday from Paper and String. Felt felt and more felt!

I was asked to do a little craft stall at a friends Christmas fayre in November...I said yes despite the fact I have nothing to yet!! So I'm back in the making doing midnight sewing malarky again.

I came up with this idea today and I'm quite pleased how it turned out. I've never printed words onto fabric before, but I like the idea of having little inspring quotes or words sewn onto the decorations. Its good to finally be using the fabric paints I bought years ago!! I knew they'd come in handy one day.

I'm all for pretty packaging, so I was thinking of doing something like this...
I'm aiming for a 50's aesethic, as I love and avidly collect vintage childrens books and I just love some of the illustrations from the 1950's. Rockets, robots, moons and balloons! I need to get some stickers or business cards with my name and contact blurb on.

It still needs some tinkering with, the basket needs to be a little smaller and I might change how I sew the printed fabric on, but apart from that its not bad for a first attempt!

Please let me know what you think or any nice words or quotes you think I could use!

Thanks lovelies :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Certain kind of CrAzY

I've been in a reminiscing kid of mood this evening (and procrastinating to the extreme...aaagghh) but thought I'd share some tunes that are really resonating with me atthis present moment. For some reason, both these tunes, particularly the chorus on the Empire of the Sun track and the music about 5 minutes in to the Connan Mockasin track. Its a wonderful and arty video, love it!
Empire of the Sun - We are the People

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin LOve

You really have to be a certain type of crazy to love that track, I love it ;)

A lot of the mixed up emotional feelings are coming out because I've just watched the documentary made about my  brother again, even though I've seen it alot and its my folks and all, it just moves me every time I see it. I love my little brother more than I can express...hope you know it bro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

big love to you all x

and thanks again to all you fellow bloggers for your kind words x

(oh, and I only came upstairs to order some felt on the computer...its been two hours now...whoops!)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Diggin deep in the pocket o' joy!

I'm linking up with Monica at Holistic Mum for this weeks Joy Pockets! Join in and go and check out all the joys xxx

Its been a crazy rollercoaster of a week (...its that Moon vibe again!) but it all seems to have settled again now. Little J has had Chicken Pox and been having some pretty spectaular tantrums too but he seems back to his usual self now..phew. Anyways, there were plenty of joyous moments betwixt the crazy including...

J learning to fly with Cedric the Dragon

 Getting back into making and doing!

Blue skies (albeit very briefly)

But the biggest joy this week has been the gift of HOPE! Being told that my brother will walk again, with a frame to begin with (within 6 months or so), but the new physio seems determined that he will walk. This really is so beautifully joyous to hear after 4 1/2 years of negative and jaded physios and OT's care of the NHS. My little bro really is the most inspiring and amazing guy, as are my parents who have supported and done everything possible for hoime these past few years. Their happiness and my brother's motivation and energy give me such deep joy that it makes me want to cry.
The kindness of friends, who are healing me (giving me Bowen therapy for my hip) and feeding me (thanks for looking after my boy and for the yum lunch lovely Lara!!)
Finishing work on a Friday night and driving down the country lanes with the moon shining above. (Then cracking open a bottle of rum...yum!)


My little bro is a musician and has started a blog of his own over at Spinz&Needles. Drop by and check out his work, there is a link to a little documentary they made about him in the earliest post and his strong anti-drug message. He could do with a warm welcome to blog land!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


"Birches" from the Snow is in the Air collection

I’ve been planning my future crafting empire this evening (one of favourite hobbies) and finding lots of inspiration from the gorgeous Selvedge Magazine. The trouble I have always had is trying to settle on one particular craft. I am (like many others) like a bee busily flitting from one tempting morsel to the next.  My current favourite is card making, using fabrics, buttons, stamping and freehand embroidery. But I would LOVE to venture into letterpress….and the machine I need is this little beauty..

The Adana printing press. Check out for some inspiring and lovely images or the letterpress technique. Only trouble with my love is getting hold of a machine! They cost anything up to £500 so it may take me a while.
Well, that’s what dreaming is about, thinking of all the thing I would/could do if i had the time, money and inclination!
Do any of you crafty folk dabble with letterpress…?   What do you daydream about..go on tell me! xxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Buttons n thread

I made this little card last night after finding out last minute that it was someones birthday today! I've had the idea of making cards with vintage buttons for a while, I thought it would be a nice gift for someone who (like me) loves old buttons and fabrics as they can cut them off and use them afterwards. 

Than I added some lettering and butterfly stamps, although I think I prefer it without.
Please let me know what you think of it or if you have any links to other card makers and crafters for inspiration. I really do appreciate your feedback! Thanks :)

Cheerio and good day to you all x

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