Friday, 29 June 2012

Green, green, lovely green

Am joining up with Fiona over a Raindrops & Daisys for another Greenday. 
Everything is so green around at the moment as we have had soooooo much rain for the past few months. Definately in need of a little sunshine now or the slugs may truly start to rule the earth!

Here are my green theme findings of the weeks...
being stared at by a field full of young cows and a having a lovely long walk across the fields. They really do stare for a long started turning into a bit of a competition..and they won.

 rain rain & rain...
 and some green flowery doodles on the sewing machine. I have made these into cards now.

Well thats a lot of greenery, looking forward to checking out the other green themes from around the globe.

Take Care

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

all life is change...

With no particular goal in mind, I began sewing this morning and this appeared! I've been trying to think of my favourite sayings and things that inspire me and hopeefully inspire others too. 
I always like the messiness of the underside of work. Here's a peek at the hidden mess!

tidying up the edges to use the hoop as a frame
It's the first times in years that I've used a hoop to sew in. I'd grown a bit lazy and have been using stitch & tear to stabilise the fabric but I'd forgotton how much easier it is to sew in a hoop. Although you are restricted by the size of the hoop and the length of the sewing machine arm, it was well worth the effort. My brain is overloaded with ideas so I'm not sure where the next sewing trip will take me. 

All done in the peace of  my mess/studio room on yet another misty rainy Cornish summer day with fabulous tunes by PJ Harvey and Connan Mockasin playing in the background...bliss! 

 Love, Light & Laughter

Friday, 22 June 2012

curtains, curtains & cupcakes

I went off on a tangent after beginning to sew the Magpie and have ended up sewing curtains for the hall...which has been on my to do list since moving in (well over a year and a half ago.) I was feeling inspired after a walk down the lanes, seeing all the beautiful cow parsley in the hedgerows.
 It reminded of this project from The Homemade Home by Sania Pell. So off I went to sew my own version! Here they are...  I might add a butterfly or two in the top part, just to pretty it up some more.

and I finished off these little curtains the other day. They used to be in my kitchen, hence the tea and cakes! They are kind of wonky but they do the job!
 and finally...the Magpie is nearing completion and is looking like this at the moment...
Its been pretty faffy to make because I'm making as a toy so having to sew and reinforce all the seams and thinks of ways to make feet out of soft material. I used felt and rolled it up and sewed over it in zigzag stitch to make the feet. I am super excited about finishing it, I just wonder how long it will last!

I'm definately feeling hyper creative at present, it seems to flow like that, I have times when I don't make anything for weeks on end and just watch way too much rubbish on the computer..then when I've overdosed on reality tv shows and "come dine with me" garbage (and eaten way too much chocolate) I get back in gear. I am so much happier when I'm creating, not always which comes first..whether creating makes me happy or being happy make me creative? What ever it is, its good though! 

Hope you are feeling inspired and creative too!
Wishing you a happy weekend

I'm linking up with Fiona who blogs over at Raindrops and Daisys for a new linky party with a green theme!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Flower Power

I went on the second part of my facepainting workshop yesterday and have been trying out some of the flowers on little M. Little miss also likes body painting and did a whole scene on her arm.  This little scene depicts a rainbow over the sea with a big rain cloud and a black cat sitting on the grass!
and today whilst little M was feeling a bit under the weather she decided she wanted a bird to play with that had flapping wings and was a big as a real bird. She also seemed to think I could make it in a matter of minutes as she asked me if it was done yet when I'd only just popped to the kitchen to make a cuppa!
Here is the beginning of the wings..

My inspiration has come from the fabulous and talented artist Helen Priem. She makes incredible needle felted and sewn birds, animals and elf folk. It was the Magpie that caught my eye, you can see it here.  

There is still a long way to go and a whole heap of fabric to be sewn but with some luck I'll be showing you a new bird in the next post!

Am off to make some rum truffles for my papa now as it's fathers day on Sunday. Hopefully they will turn out better than the last lot which I nicknamed Sh**ty truffles as they looked more like sheep droppings than a food stuff. The best bit was the fact I faffed around putting them in little petit four cases in a box and dusted them with icing sugar but by the time they reached the recipient the next day they has become all gooey and rolled around the box leaving unpleasant looking trails behind them...but they did taste damn good though!!

Well, hope you are all well and happy!.. and thanks again for reading this ol' blog of mine, I really do appreciate your comments and feedback.  I'm glad to have met you all in this cyber world!

Happy Weekends to ya x

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