Thursday, 21 February 2013

Happy Thoughts

Hello there blogging buddies!
I'm sorry for my temporary kids are are on half terms holidays at the moment and so I have had very little crafting/computer time! I find that my stamina for looking after both kids now is not so good as it used to be..I have been spoiled! By the time they are in bed I'm shattered...and just to add to the fun they seem to be taking it in turn to be ill..cold after cold after cold...waah!

The little picture above was a practice piece I did a few months ago. I though I'd mess about and just doodle with the sewing machine. It came out quite nice and my dear friend Chloe from who writes the Woolly Soup Blog took a shine to it so I'm framing it up in a hoop with a ribbon and it will be off to live with her.

Anyways, I hope you are all well and warm, its getting pretty nippy here again. My giant woolly socks are making a come back!

Happy Thoughts Indeed!
Love Dotty 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

HUGE Craft Raffle for a very worthy cause

I was very saddened to hear news that talented and lovely fellow crafter / blogger Gretel from the Middle of Nowhere  blog had tragically lost her long term partner after he took his own life. This has left Gretel, not only  devastated but in real danger of losing her home. If you follow her blog you would see that this is a home that they had waited a long time for and had not long lived there.

Some very kind friends of Gretel's have set up an amazing artist's raffle to raise money to help her in this time of great need.

The raffle prizes that have been donated are stunning and there are so many of them! Many many well know crafters/bloggers have donated including Viv from Hens Teeth, Kirsty Elson from Sixty One A, Tif from Dottie Angel and the list goes on and on... You can see the full list of prizes and read about the fundraiser on the Funds for Gretel Blog Page

You can enter the raffle via this link ...Indie Gogo. For every pound you donate you get one virtual raffle ticket. 

Also, please do visit Gretel's blog if you would like to learn more about what has happened and about Gretel and her amazing work too. Here blog can be found here... Middle Of Nowhere

Please help by either donating or by helping spread the word of this fundraiser. I am happy for you to copy and paste this blog post and tweek it to use on your own blog or to link back to mine.

Also, you can like and share the post about it on my facebook all helps x

Mental illness can be such a cruel and devastating illness and my heart really goes out to Gretel and all of their friends and family. It is so very heart warming though to see how so many people have offered help and messages of comfort. I'm sure its been a small ray of light during a very very dark time.  

Thank you for reading xxx



Sunday, 10 February 2013

A crafty swap and a clean studio!!!

I paired up with Katy from the lovely blog Katys Clutter via Ada from the fab  Vintage Sheet Addict blog. I was sent this lovely bundle...

A very well chosen and perfect bundle of goodies for crafting and a beautiful book to read and daydream with! Katy has blogged about the parcel I sent her if you'd like to see! You can find a link here !

I'm also doing a little swapping with Vintage Sheet Addict for Lisa's (Bo Bo Bun blog) 4 happy things swap! and to top it off I'm swapping an Owl for a fab handmade Raggie doll from Vintage Vicki's. Goodness...I've worn myself out...are you still there I wonder! :) 

Thanks again Katy and to Ada for organising it!

Take Care my lovelies 
Love Dotty xxx 

oh and a final note.... I cleaned...i actually cleaned and tidied my craft room! I just had to take a photo...a clear table is a fleeting phenomenon in this house! 

Monday, 4 February 2013

and the WINNER is.....

I put all your names in a hat and my trusty assistant Little Miss M picked out a winner..... long can I drag it many full stops can I use...........????!!!

The winner is Marina from the Handmade by Marina blog. Well done indeed, a little dotty heart will be winging it's merry way to you over in Greece! It seems my hearts like to fly to far away lands, the last giveaway was won by MJ from the  Wander Wonder Discover blog over in America.

I'm planning another giveaway for one of my rather handsome googley eyed Owl door hangers once I get them in the etsy shop. I just need to work on making a little batch of them and getting a bit organised then I'll let ya'll know!

 I've also been making some foxy little fella's too

and rockets...
and planning out my new addition to the door hangin crew...the badger!!
but alas..really, this week I have been mostly cleaning and clearing out my craft room big pile of mess room.
It had got pretty bad in there but it's looking a whole lot better already, I just need to get rid of a lot of "stuff" I seem to have accumulated vast amounts of crud, broken things, things I'm supposed to be ebaying etc etc..

I'll post a pic as soon as I find my camera!

Take care folks, 
love Dotty xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Weekend Greetings...and Giveaway reminder!

Please do come and join in my giveaway for a little dotty brooch...see this post... here for details. All you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a little message to say you'd like to enter. The winner will be drawn on Monday 4th Feb!!

Good luck xx 

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