Sunday, 5 February 2012

Icy Daze

I'm sad to say that its all thawed out now, but for a few fun days we had ice and no mud!!  Its weird to think that most of Britain has been covered in snow today , flights have been cancelled, people are snowed in but all we've had in Cornwall is rain, rain and rain!
We visited the Eden Project today and discovered this lovely lady in a wooded area. We have been there many many times before but generally only keep to the same path, so today, inspired by my friend Chloe we ventured in a new direction.

It's lovely to see all the snowdrops appearing in the woods amongst the fabulous twisted willow.
It is a really inspiring place to visit and full of imaginative ideas. The aim of the project is to promote awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable ways of living, growing and being. Its super kid friendly too and there's enough to keep them interested and happy.

Well my lovelies, hope you are well and enjoying the weather wherever  you are!


  1. Beautiful photos. We have lots of snow here in the Midlands. But it is beginning to go a bit murky so not as much fun now.


  2. Thanks for the mention honeypie! Glad you found the mirror lady, she's brilliant (literally!) and I love the twisted willow as well, must get hold of some when I get my gardening head back on x

  3. What a stunning picture of the ice in the trees. We love the eden project too and have never seen the lady in the woods. You are right it is good to find new paths and discover new things. Hope you are keeping well, x x

  4. A wonderful idea! Good for the kid AND the grownups...
    although that tree lady there scared me a bit ; )

    enjoy your time!

  5. The tree lady is a little odd! I love that her body is sculpted out of the earth and that she has a very mossy bottom!

  6. What a wonderful project!! And what a wonderful detour you took to see the Lady! And this is one of the many reasons I love the blogosphere, helping each other discover things we may have never discovered otherwise. And that willow tree--gorgeous....such beauty we are surrounded by...have a great weekend!!!

  7. Wow! It looks gorgeous there - seems like a great place to wander for hours! Thanks for your sweet comment on my aqua curio cabinet! My craft room used to be incredibly unorganized, and I function so much better with it this way! Best of luck with yours!

  8. don't know how I missed the lady in the woods at Eden, looks like I'll just have to make another visit!


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