Sunday, 13 May 2012

lovebirds dancin' a jig! (some new designs!)

Here's a couple of new card designs I've been tinkering with! This was commissioned for a friends wedding anniversary. When you wiggle the card about their legs move and they kinda look like they're doing a jig! Sadly, this amused me for some time!
and a card for my neighbour who I will miss massively...I'm so gutted they are gone :(
I handstamped the card with "Home Tweet Home" cos I love a corny pun!   
and this one for my blokes father's birthday. I drew little musical notes all around him.
I will be attempting to work on these designs in photoshop and get some prints done once I'm happy with the designs. Hopefully they will print out well, I'm still unsure of how the colour backgrounds will work, maybe I need to stick with plain to start with. Any tips from you arty folk would be much appreciated!

Well, take care my lovelies and I hope the weather has been as lovely with you as it was with us today!!


  1. Awh these are great. Im no good on computer designing and printing out so I have to get my cards printed for me at
    Your birdies are lovely.
    Ive just opened my Doodly Bird website with some of my cards on. Dotty and Doodly what a great ring it has to it. hahaha
    best wishes
    Lynn x

    1. Thanks Lynn, ..and here begins the empire of the doodly dotty birds! Love the website!, hope I'll get organised enough to sort one out one day...although probably need to work on making some stock first.. ;) I was going to get some business cards done with, I hadn't thought to print the cards with them, I'll give it a go! cheers x

  2. These are so great, do you sell them too? You definitely should xx

    1. Thankyou! The plan is to sell them, I'm hoping that I can get some good printed cards that look like the real sewn deal so that they are more affordable. Then I can have printed, some hand finished and some original sewn cards....well thats the theory anyway...its been a good few years in the making now!
      take care x

  3. The cards look great, good work! x

  4. They are wonderful ♥♥

    Well done you.


    1. Thankyou Fiona! :)
      Flattery is always most welcome!

  5. Hallo friend!
    These cards are really sweet. A lovely idea!

    Sorry I have been away so long . You see when one doesn't blog is becoming difficult to visit blogfriends : (
    I will follow you on pinterest though
    I go as abouterleichda there ; )

    lot of love to you and good luck with your beautiful designs

    1. thankyou my lovely! I will meet you in the land of pinterest! x


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