Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More cards...

Here are some of the latest cards I've been making...

Apologies for the lack of photo cropping and the crazy angles of the pictures...its the way they scanned in for some odd reason. I still haven't mastered the photo editing technology...I will get on a mission tomorrow to get to grips with it...any recommendations of good ones, help or advice are welcome!!! 

Update...have discovered Picmonkey and I can't believe how easy it is although my new issue is that because I've only ever downloaded photos directly from the camera they are massive files and I've used up my upload limit. Hopefully I wont have to delete all the Picasa album as this seems to delete the photos from the blog???? Then I may have to upload them all again as smaller files...so faffy.!!  



 Thanks for looking 

your feedback is always very much appreciated!


  1. If you preview the scan first, you should be able to select the area you want to scan rather than the whole bed ;-) ...you may also be able to straighten the image, depending on your software.

    Love all your cards! xx

  2. cheers bird! Will do that next time :)

  3. Love your blog Dotty !!! Have you tried adding pages?? they are free :-)))

  4. A friend sent me the link to your blog because she knows I have battled with this problem. Quite a shock to be told by Blogger that I had used my storage space without first telling me I had any sort of limit!! So, yes, you have to limit the size of photos to 800x800; if you are using a Mac it is quite simple using iPhoto [once you know how!] You could also go to Wordpress and blog from there, you can import the whole of your present blog so nothing would be lost. My son has suggested using YouTube and type in a question, there's bound to be someone who has posted a tutorial! Good luck - I'll keep in touch to see how you are getting on. I was born in the UK, Sussex, but am a true kiwi now! June

    1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to comment! I've just popped over to your blog and I can see you met with exactly the same problem and you have been blogging about the same amount of time! I just discovered Picminkey which is a free online photo editing program which lets you reduce the file size/quality of photos and add text or other effects. I think you are spot on with the file size issue. I'm a bit at a loss what to do though because there are around 450 photos in my picasa album..and I really dont want to have to resize them and upload them again!? I might look into wordpress because its quite annoying to think there is a limit and even if I reduce the file size I will one day reach that limit again. I'll go check out u tube now...thankyou x

  5. AHA!!! I may have solved the riddle..it seems that photos up to 800 x 800 pixels do not cvount towards your free storage!! The storage limit is really for those folk who want to share larger files, i.e good quality photos that can be printed off. Seeing as I really dont want my images printed off I have found the solution. However I am still stuck with figuring out how to reduce the photo size of 450 photos...waaah! The saga continues!

  6. I love your cards they are great, sometimes its just nice and convenient to work on something small when busy than a big massive quilt. Im enjoying working small at the moment.
    I have added you on as a palx


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