Sunday, 5 August 2012

Of Cabbages and Kings...

Here is my finished entry for the Port Eliot flower show. The theme was Cabbages and Kings so myself and Mr Dotty made a somewhat sketchy version of the Walrus and the Carpenter (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass).
Guess who!!
 It took me quite a while to make the Man Walrus and I helped Mr Dotty build the carpenter. He made the Carpenters head by nailing a couple of buttons into a cabbage and putting it on a stick...and guess which scarecrow got awarded a "highly commended"....MR CABBAGE HEAD!! No prizes for hoo calloo callay!! Ah well, he was fun to make and he put a smile on many a face! :)
 Here are the other fabulous scarecrows on the block...
Dappa indeed!
Scrumpy anyone??

Fabulous dancing elf folk
Elvis (The King) had definately seen better days

 There were a lot of inspiring artsy things going on around the festival grounds. I particularly liked this amazing knitted tree trunk warmer! I love the little birds (of course!!)

 The flower show is a pretty arty crazy kind of affair. Here are some of the entries...

 and one post festival man walrus! He must have been partying pretty hard on Saturday night!
Here is the fox tail and ears I made modelled by little Miss M. She wore it to the festival on Sunday and looked pretty fantastic!

I'm linking up with Fiona over at Raindrops and daisys for another greenday link up! Hop over and check out green theme pics from around the globe. I'm also linking up with Lakota over at Faith, hope and charity shopping for Ta Dah! Tuesday where folk show of their wares! It can be something you've made, bought or found!

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  1. THese are tremendus fun! So creative you are!
    And the festival sounds like I would love to be there...

    love to you xoxo

    1. thankyou lovely Demie, have been wondering if you were still around in blog land! I've missed your inspiring words and musings! The festival is off next year but is back in should come! It's a literature festival, I'm sure you'd love it (you are welcome to camp in out garden! ;) x

  2. Ein sehr schöner und ausführlicher Beitrag zum Thema...

    Lieben Gruß

  3. Oh these are all fab - love them, plus the insane smoking floral arrangement. And Miss M looks adorable as a fox, good job.

    1. cheers bird, there were some pretty random floral displays...its definately one of the more bizarre flower shows around! :)

  4. Hi dear Doty!!Now im following your blog!!I love it!!Thank you for your visit!!I want to come and visit Cornwaii,and all of Skotland!!Have a nice week!!Many kisses from a very hot Athens!!

    1. Hi Dimi and welcome! Cornwall and Scotland are definately worth a is indeed a beautifil island we live on...albeit rather soggy! x


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