Saturday, 8 December 2012

Everything must go....!

A bit of a longshot but I thought I'd post a few pics of the things I have left after the last craft fair. I haven't had much luck finding a pitch at another fair before Christmas so thought I'd put my offerings on the web! I will get round to updating the etsy shop but that might take me a little longer!

If there is anything you are interested in, please message me through the comments or on my email:

thankyou x
there are 7 left, yellow, red poka dot or floral wings £14 +p&p
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Dragonfly brooches and Butterfly brooches or hairclips are £7.50 + p&p
Hearts and Mushrooms are £4.50 + p&p
Birdhouse hairclip holders are £6.50 + p&p 

 I have a few nest hairpins and clips but I can make more if you would like a brooch!?
They vary between £8 and £12 depending on size.

 some shark fins.. they fit ages 3 - 7 approx The waistband is elastic so they do stretch qute a bit!.
£7 + p&p
and I have plenty of fox tail and ear sets (£12 +p&p)
leopards tails and ears, Dalmations tails & ears, cat tails & ears and wolf tails and ears. I also made some gold crowns to go with the wolf tails so they an be like Max from "Where the Wild Things Are". The crown, ears and tails are £15 +p&p as a set.

There is also the option of adding a little rose bud bow to the ears. I can gift wrap with a box, ribbon, and tissue paper for £2 extra.

I can combine p&p and accept paypal / bank transfer. Thanks for looking.If you want any further photos please message me. 

and check out these amazing Starlings, they were flying about like crazy early this morning at Sunrise. Gorgeous little things!
I'll be away until Sunday night so I may not be able to message back straight away although I will try to check whilst I'm away!

Take care
  Love from the Dotty one


  1. oh you are so clever, all these lovely goodies, especially that darling fox tail and you think I would get strange looks if I pranced around our little town wearing it..I could pretend I was the fantastic Mr fox :)
    Thankyou for your feedback on my new website and your sweet support..I'll defo change the lettering to a bit darker..good advice!
    Big hugs to you..hopefully you're feeling a bit festive now..just get the satsumas and pilfered selection box if not! :)xx

    1. thankyou...and yes indeed you SHOULD prance about the streets and alleys in a fox tail...I highly recommend it! I wore mine to Port Eliot Festival this...I love my fox ears..any excuse to weare them and they are on ;)

  2. beautiful beautiful things. Can I have 2 birdhouse clip holders please? xx

    1. yes indeedy x I'll email you with details and to get your address...I can post them tomorrow x

  3. I love your Owls - the one in your photo looks like he is having a sneaky peek at something! x


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