Sunday, 10 February 2013

A crafty swap and a clean studio!!!

I paired up with Katy from the lovely blog Katys Clutter via Ada from the fab  Vintage Sheet Addict blog. I was sent this lovely bundle...

A very well chosen and perfect bundle of goodies for crafting and a beautiful book to read and daydream with! Katy has blogged about the parcel I sent her if you'd like to see! You can find a link here !

I'm also doing a little swapping with Vintage Sheet Addict for Lisa's (Bo Bo Bun blog) 4 happy things swap! and to top it off I'm swapping an Owl for a fab handmade Raggie doll from Vintage Vicki's. Goodness...I've worn myself out...are you still there I wonder! :) 

Thanks again Katy and to Ada for organising it!

Take Care my lovelies 
Love Dotty xxx 

oh and a final note.... I cleaned...i actually cleaned and tidied my craft room! I just had to take a photo...a clear table is a fleeting phenomenon in this house! 


  1. Lovely swap....must get my act together with ours! Hired to leave a comment earlier but blogger wasn't playing ball! :) x

  2. What lovely gifts you received!! I have that book and so I know how gorgeous it is. You have reminded me after looking at your lovely tidy sewing space that my two cupboards in my kitchen need a bit of tidy too. I seem to spend more time in playing with shelves , I can while a way a few hours on them tehe Karen x

  3. you have a lovely selection of goodies from your swap.


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