Thursday, 1 October 2015


I feel like I need to record this dream as it had quite a profound effect on me. It was on the night of the Supermoon, 27th September. It was really clear in my mind as I awoke and although it sounds rather mundane its meaning was quite powerful for me.

I dreamt that I was working in my parents shop, an off licence, and that a young man had come into the shop and was looking unkempt and rather shifty. He came to counter and asked for tobacco and I turned to get get this for him from the cabinet. I placed it on the counter and moved it towards himself. I had the feeling that he was going to run off with it so when he asked me for papers I was not surprised to see him grab the tobacco and run towards the door. I grabbed the papers and ran after hi to the door and reached my arm out saying here you go. He looked so shocked and completely thrown off balance. He have me a wide eyed glance and ran off into the night.

I told my friend about the dream and she said that this was the essence of Akido..going with the flow rather than against, to destabilise your opponent. In energy terms, its using their force against themselves, thus avoiding wasting precious time and energy blocking and exerting force.

It struck me as a wonderful way to think of energy exchanges. Whether it is in conversation or a brawl.

It suddenly allowed me to make sense of other energy related matters. it is supposed that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.  therefore within the context of the human body it is more helpful to think of how to get energy moving in the places you want it, rather than trying to 'add it' . The potential is within us, we just need to let it flow. obviously we need food (fuel) and water to work but the energy is limitless within us. If you feel pain or discomfort or negative thoughts and emotions the they are taking...demanding..more than their fair share of energy. leaving less for other functions and systems (like feeling creative and inspired, content and compassion).

Your body is an amazing machine. So complex and wonderful that is is almost beyond comprehension.

The things that sap our energy, or 're-route' it are habitual thoughts, feelings, behaviours, ways of being that are no longer useful or relevant to your situation. Our bodies and minds have a tendency to go 'it worked lets do it again' even if the results are far less than desirable the second..third...forth time! We are creatures of habit. Its a wildly chaotic universe and yet we strive for consistency. Ironically, stability can only be achieved through change. Within our bodies, to maintain safe blood sugar levels, blood pressure, balance etc our bodies are constantly changing and sending out signals to release or inhibit hormones and neurotransmitters. Ultimately stasis = death. Not something to strive towards..well not today anyway!

So...what to do about all this?? What does it mean in practice?

Thats what I'm trying to find out. We all have to find out for ourselves. My journey is very different to yours or anyone elses for that matter. We are all unique. Although, ultimately I do believe that we are all one and the same. We are learning lessons and reaching enlightenment when it has been done before..thousands of miles away and thousands of years ago.

I wonder if anyone read this far..well..even if it's just one pair of eyes that glance upon my ramblings..then thats good..tis all the same to me :)

Thank you!


  1. this is a bit deep for me to understand, I do know though I m very negative but would love to be positive!

    1. hi Margaret!'s a bit deep for me too :) ..I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I keep having those moments where it feels like I understand something, then I have trouble putting it into words. I think you might be being harsh on yourself..I havent blogged for years and I still remember that you always left me encouraging and positive feedback...thank you! if you are feeling negative then it sounds silly to say..but there will be a reason why. Something is not 'flowing' as it could. The potential for change is always there..sometimes it's a little thing that triggers it..sometimes its an onslaught of big it was for me. Thank you for reading my rambling..and for taking the time to comment.

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