Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Thats Retro baby..

My man, Mr Dotty, asked me to make a farewell card for a student teacher that had been on placement with him. As he's a media studies teacher I came up the idea of a tv message card...and in dotty bird styley, its retro baby!

 Its made from vintage look paper from daisyd's (which I bought along with a stash of loads of other paper loveliness from a charity shop..yey!) I'm feeling a lot of retro inspiration going on at the moment!

hope you are feeling inspired too


  1. thats so nice, handmade cards really are the best :)x

  2. thankyou claire, i love handmade things and would always rather recieve a sketchy handmade card any day than a bought one! x

  3. you are really good at it! its always lovely to receive a handmade card : )

  4. Lovely :) and yup, shop-bought cards (even more so than presents) are so empty I think - especially for an occasion like this, where the teacher will probably keep it for years, if not ever!

  5. i love retro inspiration! And i love your card!
    : )
    Nice going retro sista!


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