Friday, 14 September 2012

Owl Owly owl Owl

I've been having another flurry of activity sewing these little guys n gals...
 they look a like a tribe of zombie owl folk like before their eyes are sewn!!
 and then in a state of perpetual shock once the eyes are on!

hoo hoo me?? you looking at me!!!!?...
I'm making a run of these owly folk so I can put some up for sale in the etsy /  big cartel online shops. I'm still trying to work out the cost of making them and how long they take but they'll be listed within the next week. They can be personalised with any name or room name that you like..I can even make branches loger or add extra branches for extra names!  There will be a range of different colours and patterned fabric for the wings to choose from.

I saw this little birdy sat on the cable outside the kitchen. He's a great fat wood pigeon..a regular visitor! He made a brilliant silhouette against the evening sky so I thought I'd take a pic to share.

Hope you're having a fabba week
Love Dotty


  1. Lovely owls!Nice done Dotty!Wish you luck for selling them!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the owls! I'm always so jealous when people get these marvelous ideas! Well, perhaps jealous is not the right word.. let's say I'm amazed where the creativity comes from - it seems I never have ideas like that! :D

    1. aww I'm sure your creativity comes out in other amazing ways ! ;)

  3. nice little owls you have there! love them x

  4. your owls are full of character

  5. Dotty,

    I LOVE your owls! You do beautiful work!

    Aloha, Lori

  6. Great owls! And I love the pigeon picture. We used to have about 6 which sat in our apple tree, I think it was them which finished it off in the end, like a bunch of turkeys sat up there!


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