Saturday, 1 September 2012

Inspired by Nature

It's been a few weeks since the last post and I seem to be overloaded with things I'd like to show you and tell you about! I've been away with Mr Dotty and the kids visiting family and friends and have been to some fabulous and inspiring places. (I was super glad to get home though...I'm such a home bird and there's nothing like being away to make you realise how crazy hectic the kids are!)

These first pics from our outing today. We visited the Butterfly Farm and Otter Sanctuary at Buckfastleigh. I was like a little kid walking around gawping at the stunning butterflies! They are so incredibly beautiful though. Nature is awesome! 

The Otters were really sweet to see too.

 I finally finished making little M's she is. M named her Lullabelle!

She is lovely and I'm on a mission to make an Owl now.

These poppy heads were in a friends garden, I love their silhouettes.

I'm joining up with Fiona over at Raindrops and daisys for another Greenday link up. I need to get on over there and check out this weeks offerings!

Enjoy the Summer Sun (if you in my hemisphere!!)
Love Dotty 


  1. Quantas coisas lindas mostraste aqui!!Gostei! beijos do Brasil,chica

  2. Nice post for Green Day!!Have a lovely month!

  3. Wonderful butterflies, - and a very charming magpie! Love it:)

  4. How gorgeous those butterflies!
    You are very creative and have an eye for details

    love the new look of your blog : )

  5. Butterflies and otters... My daughter's two favourite creatures, the two must-see-or-there'll-be-a-massive-tantrum stops for her on every zoo visit we've had over the past few years :)

    1. aww! She'd be in heaven over here then! You can even pay extra to go and spend a day with the otters, feeding them and looking after them..they are so cute!

  6. Que passeio maravilhoso fizeram!
    Um santuário com lindas borboletas!
    Adorei sua Lulabelle, depois quero ver a coruja (Owl)
    Nunca tinha visto Poppy heads! muito lindos!
    Bom fim de semana!
    Zizi Santos

    1. Obrigado pela visita! Eu ainda não fiz a coruja, mas vou ter a certeza de mostrar a ele quando ele é feito! Dotty x


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