Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Full moon antics

Last night I ventured all the way up to Paignton, a good ol' hours drive, to see a very fab friend of mine. We've known each other since school, so it's been about 16 years now...woah! It always seems to happen, quite coincidentally , that the evenings we meet up nearly always occur on a full moon! We decided we will call ourselves the moon kin ...or munkins for short! 

Although Paignton is a traditional old fashioned  English tourst resort by day, at night it is really quite spectaluar. We had a lovely walk across the beach and down the promenade. The full moon looked amazing.

 I made this little nest for my friend as I'd bought my crafty kit with me and wanted to show her my new obsession.  She chose some blue green beads for the eggs and we adorned her hair with a few pheasant feathers for fun. 
My friend has just begun weaving baskets after taking a few classes. She made this one, which was sat looking lovely and full to the brim with wool. I do love a glowing fire on a cold winters night!
and finally, I will be off at a party tomorrow night with the kids and about 15 other kids..waaah! So I'd like to wish you all a happy halloween! Have fun where ever you are!
Love Dotty


  1. the birds nest looks really at home in your friend`s hair, maybe a little bird will drop by in the spring.

    1. perhaps if she's sitting around knitting for too long one might take up residence in her hair! ;)

  2. Here in northern Italy the weather was bad, and ruined the festivities...

    1. oh dear! We've had some pretty awful weather lately too...it was a rare treat to have clear skies!

  3. Time spent with friends
    is time well spent : )

  4. love the pics, and the pumpkin. have fun with your friend on the full moon!!


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