Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Giveaways Galore!!

I've just...(very naughtily) spent an hour or so blog hopping and have not only found some fastastic new bloggers but some fab bloggers that are hosting amazing and generous giveaways!

Heres the findings...

Firstly there is a giveaway for these gorgeous crochet flowes and butterflies at lazydaisyjones blog.
and then there is stitchesandseeds blog for this gorgeous bag and hair pins!

and finally a giveaway at vintagesheetaddict blog for these fantastic vintage wallpaper cuttings and a fab n groovey handmade cushion!

I would be over the moon to win any of these but I thought I should share the chance to win with all you lovely folk too! Have a go and even if you don't enter, just take a peek at their blogs!! They are brill!

Good luck to all!!
Let me know if you win!!
Love Dotty 


  1. Hi Lisa! This is the second time I'm back this week..however last time I ended up going "off piste" (meh!) and reading through your archived posts..so lovely to get to know you more ...however I got so off I track , I managed to forget my original plan of leaving a comment!
    Anyhoos...before I digress AGAIN :)...
    I LOVE your exploring of paint, stitch and fabric...looking fab...hope you're going to show the finished piece. LOVE the synchronicity of our great minds thinking a like too :)
    BIG hugs to you xx

    1. aww cheers bird! and yes, indeed I do think great minds think alike! Lovely to think the ol' posts still get read! Sometimes I question my blogging obsession...but its so much fun and there are so many like minded people out there (and also its just great when your a mama and your social life is not quite what it used to be!! ha) Thanks for commenting! It does cheer me up a treat! x

  2. Hello Lisa,
    What a lovely stitcher you are!
    Very impressed with your divinely cheerful blog, I do so love a cheerful,upbeat,inspiring blog.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to include me in this post, glad you enjoyed a little naughty hour off for blog reading time!
    bestest kind wishes to you....
    Daisy J.

    1. Thankyou Daisy! This blog is definately my "happy place" ha and it always lovely to get feedback on it! Thanks for visiting, Lisa x

  3. as if I have time to spare Dotty !! think I will be up all night trying to follow everything worth following, thanks for sharing these new blogs with us, popping over now, just another half hour of stitching time gone down the spout!!!and as for housework, well I am waving goodbye to that.

    1. Never mind about the housework!! sorry to be leading on yet more trails! The internet is just so vast in interesting..waah! I'm going to have to start being strict with myself and rationing time spent on line I think! Take care, Lisa x

  4. Dearest Lisa,
    Oh, wonderful giveaways I wish I had talent for handwork(^^;)
    I think I'll visit these wonderful blogs when I have time♬♬♬
    Thank you very much for your lovely comment in my blog. I've been to your country once, love to visit again if possible♡♡♡
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Hello Lisa!
    There is so many talented people out there!
    I hope you enjoyed some kosmos music while sewing your beautiful creations : )


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