Thursday, 17 January 2013

and I give to you...My heart (a giveaway!!!)

Just a quick post to say that I've ***finally*** begun to list a few items in my etsy shop and to celebrate this rather humble but none the less great achievement I'm hosting a giveaway tomorrow on my facebook page. See here for a link or search for little dotty bird designs.

and for those of you that are not of the facebook variety..fear not.. because I'll be doing another giveaway here next week!

One of my Dotty little heart brooches is up for grabs so keep yer eyes peeled!

 It may seem silly but as excited as I am at listing things on etsy I also get a bit anxious about the whole thing...It's venturing out of my friends and family audience and selling online is a whole new thing for me. Do any of you lovely fellow bloggers sell online..any tips are most welcome!

Thank you for visiting...oh how I hope it snows tomorrow! I'm stupidly excited!
Take care
Dotty xxx


  1. I have liked & shared (under my other name) ;)
    Beautiful things Dotty xx

    1. thank you...I thought I spied your name there...but I will not give away your secret identity...he he!!

  2. I see you are in the Valantine spirit already! :) x

  3. Such pretty brooches, Im sure they will be a real hit. xxx

  4. Congrats on Etsy Dotty!!! Your brooch is so lovely...thanks for the chance! I liked and shared on FB!!

  5. Hi!! I love this post! Filled with so much valentine goodness!!
    I'm taking part in the blogger awards and I've nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. I really enjoy reading your blog and it's a great way of sharing some "blog love". Get more info and the rules at

    hope you'll take part
    Nicole xx


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