Sunday, 25 August 2013

Miss Ermentrude Mouse

May I introduce to you ...little Miss Ermentrude..complete with cheese...if you please!

She is quite a keen cook and always pays particular attention to the quality of her ingredients. She only steals cheese from the most 'well to do' houses in town. As you can see..she is already sniffing the air trying to find her next ingredient...tomatoes!

She takes great care to keep her kitchen neat and tidy and has to be super organised in her cooking. She lives in a little dresser with her 9 children. It's tad small for them but they find it very homely.
 She likes to place fresh flowers in the kitchen. It's a little indugence that she very much enjoys.

 Her children are quite shy but can always be lured out from their hiding places with an offering of cake. Christmas pudding is an all time favourite in the mouse household.

Miss Ermentrude has been most helpful in designing the apron for her friend Henrietta. Henreietta is new in town and did not have much in the way of clothes. Ermentrude believes one should always try to look ones best...even in the kitchen! She's an old fashioned sort!

Well, there you go....the story continues... present, Henrietta has gone to live with friends in Tideford, Cornwall and Ermentrude is awaiting the arrival of more relatives (ooh there are so very many!!) in the near future. It is thought that Uncle Alan, a great Pirate and Master of the Seas is coming to stay soon. he is such a swash buckling man of a mouse!

To be continued....

(Miss Ermentrude and friends are made by me, Lisa..the dotty bird, in my little craft room in my little house, in little ol' Cornwall...if you would like to have a little mouse of your very own, please send me a message and 'll send you the details...thank you)


  1. I love her big ears, and the wonderful settings you've made for her.

    1. thank you Little Nell...hmmm Little Nell sounds like a very fitting name for a mouse too...hope you dont mind if there is a new mouse called Nell! (My Great Grandmother was called Nell..tis a lovely name!) and I got pretty carried away with the settings..its so much fun!

  2. I think it is so good that they are mounted on the mouse trap what a great presentation idea. You have put so much tiny work into the settings. Jo x

  3. oh she is so cute!! I hope she gets lots of friends :)

  4. Loved the story! :D Now I feel like I might blog again. Your fault! xx

  5. Oh she is so cute! I've always had a soft spot for little mice... even the real ones.... :)

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