Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Today's make...

I got completely carried away making this little lady this afternoon...I spent hours sewing and modelling clay etc but she is all made up now and is such a help...gathering up all the little nests and eggs strewn about my craft room and getting them ready for me to sew! Such a clever little mouse!
Ermentrude helping out
 and here is some random clay objects I've been making...including cheese, beaks and eggs!

Air drying clay
Ermentrude in the making
I'll post a pic of the finished piece..mounted on her mouse trap with cheese as soon as it's all painted up! I was planning on making her to sell at my upcoming stall on Sunday...but I've grown quite attached to her already..so might have to try and make another one too!

Take Care...and keep crafting
Love Dotty 


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