Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter Warmer!

Following my evening spent with a dear friend (see this post ) I had a revelation...I have always, for as long as I can remember (mostly since discovering the band Nirvana) wanted red hair! We were talking about things we'd like to do and the way we'd like to look (shallow but fun conversation!). Anyways..the next day I got out the hair dye "real red", that has been sadly hidden away in my cupboard for a few years! and I did I'm now the proud owner of very fiery red hair and I love it!

and here it is!...
 and for those of you who have no idea (or don't really care...sorry!!) what it looked like before..
Sorry to bore you with my hair adventures...I don't normally blog about such things but I'm just very excited about it...and I'm even getting a haircut tomorrow (a rare treat indeed..I usually have about one or two a year!!)

Well, take care my lovelies, wishing you winter warmth or summer cool...depending on your hemisphere!!

Love Little Red Dotty


  1. Hi!

    Your hair look stunning!... and so do you : )
    You know it's not shallow.
    In the end it's the little things that makes us happy.

    ...and now I want red hair too...

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thankyou for your kind words :) I think red hair maybe contagious!! I say go for it!! x

  2. Good for you!!!! It suits you!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Love the red hair! Two of my boys are naturally red!!

    1. Thanks Gill..both my kids are natural red heads too! ..unfortunately mine faded out as I got older!...although it was never quite this red! ;)

  4. Hello there!

    Your hair loks amazing,
    so vibrant and healthy looking.

    I love it.

    I had mine darkened down last night at the hairdressers as my son told me that it was yellow!
    It is now brown but I'm just not too sure about it,
    think it's a bit dark,
    but anything is better than yellow I suppose!!!!

    Happy Friday


  5. Love the colour!! I'm always dying my hair, and am a dark purple at the mo, which I'm quite happy with!! :)

    1. ooh purple sounds good! I like the idea of chaging the colour depending on the seaon or my mood! Such fun! :)

  6. you have to feel good about your hair, I say.
    I finally have mine in a way I like it after 40 years of never being happy!
    YOu Look Great!

    1. it does make such a difference to how you feel..I never really realised before! thanks for you comment x

  7. Freakin gorgeous!! :-) I bet you feel like a different person!

    I had pillarbox red hair for about a year... it really suits you xx pink is my natural colour, I reckon - as soon as I'm done sproggin n breastfeeding (if I have any damn hair left, that is) I'm getting out the peroxide and going back to my roots!!!

    Yay for hairdye!!

    1. wicked! go for it! It does feel weirdly liberating...a;though I'm now feeling like I might become some kind of rainbow hair lady depending on my mood...maybe blue/purple some the next! Sorry I did'nt make it round, we've been trekking about the place with Mats dad and helping my folks to move in next door! ...and trying to sneel in a bit of tail/nest making! I WILL be over this week...promise xx

    2. No worries! We'll be here x I have a little collection of nests btw (what a surprise!) only 3 but come and see how beautifully they're made ;-)


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