Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Hello lovelies....hope you are all well!? We have had the most glorious few weeks of sunshine here in Cornwall...such a rare treat! It's been super baking hot but I've been hiding out in the shade and trying to do as little as possible! (not so easy with two little kids!!)

I had a stall with two fellow crafters at the Cowslip Studio Mad Hatters Tea Party Craft fair yesterday. I met so many fabulous artists and crafters and hopefully there will be some interesting collaborations to follow! This was the somewhat unusual hat I made!

Needless to say it drew quite a bit of attention.

The latest venture is a stall sharing crafty cooperative with two friends of mine, artist Chloe from Woolly Soup and  Ceramicist Sue Newell. We are collectively called 'Fox & Finch' and we are hoping to run a few stalls together. Unfortunately the sales yesterday were really poor, I'm not entirely sure why, but we had a fab day anyway!
Here are some snaps of our stall...
brooches by me..vases by Sue Newell

Our vintage case display

Pinch vases by Sue Newell

Bird Folk Dolls by Woolly Soup

I was also lucky enough to meet up with the lovely Kirsty Elson, Teresa of Willapark DesignsEmma Stead, Sian of Lancaster & Cornish to name but a many wonderful stalls!
I was coveting this beautiful little cottage by Kirsty Elson...her little creations are just dreamy..

and I just LOVE the work of mixed media artist Teresa Dunne

 and finally I must mention the lovely folk at The Flower Mill, they kindly let me snap a few shots of my butterfly brooch in their gorgeous flowers! He looked so at home amongst them!

Phew...sorry for the photograph overload! There was just so much to see and I wanted to share it with you all! :)

Well, I'd better be more nests to build! and butterfly wings to sew! (and tea to drink ...and rubbish tv to watch...ahem...and biscuit tins to raid)

Take care my lovelies xxxx
Love Dotty


  1. It looked amazing, must be the heat keeping people away. still at least you now have an amazing hat!

  2. In gorgeous weather like this, everyone's at the beach or having a bbq! Your butterfly looks so stunning with the flowers, you should make that a permanent feature :)

    Han xx

  3. All in a days work, it is always good to get out even if the cash is not as appealing as you would like it. Cool hat. I made some similar ones with mens ties but not posted yet. I am sewing at the moment. Jo x

  4. Your stall looked lovely!! I will be busy trying to look at all the links you have put on here!! At least you enjoyed your selves, and the hat is FAB ! :)

  5. LOVE the little hat :) I haven't been to a fair for ages!


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