Saturday, 1 October 2011

Epic craft failures

Just randomly found a website which has had me giggling called Craft Fail , My favourites so far are the pefect poo cupcakes and the cookie monsters. I don't know why but this really tickled me and I can't stop laughing, every article is about some horrific f**k up of a crafting endevour. I am such a saddo!

Check it out, there are craparoons, beaded torture flipflops, apple nuclear test site cake and many more epic failures.  If you have the same demented sense of humour as me then you will be most amused!

 Thought I might add my own beautiful craft fail to the website...this little beauty that I made a few years back.. evil doll! I wrote a post about it here.

Take care lovelies and enjoy this crazy little October heat wave we're having (if you're in the uk!!)


  1. Oh I love this kind of thing - I really like Regretsy and Cake Wrecks as well, always good for a giggle. Your doll is, erm...yeah, pretty terrifying!

  2. you are hilarious,dark humour,though some of us consider even such decoration to be a real achievemnt.
    you've made our day

  3. No heat wave here Dotty Bird
    just gallons of flippin rain!

    Love your evil doll!
    He is great
    and would scare all the kiddies away when they come knocking at Halloween!!!

    Happy Sunday

  4. thanks for the site tip! i think is ok with failures! they make me feel normal when i make apple pie with salty butter... no it did not taste good!
    we had two ( TWO!) warm days this september now at the end of it... now is raining again but at least is not that cold... enjoy sunny warm days : )

  5. lol! that's awesome! love the crapcakes. your doll has nice lips :-)

  6. Ha Ha! What a laugh! They look like my cakes! Am going over there now to see more. Your poor doll - I feel kinda sorry for her - would buy her out of pity? Lol.

  7. cheers ladies, I checked out the regretsy and cake wrecks, I love the twisted wedding cakes!

    Yep, the evil doll has rather massive lips, the entire hideous freakery just kept getting worse and worse as I tried to "fix" it. I tried to re-sculpt her face in an attempt to create the faery like entity I had visualised only to end up with a bald Freddy Krueger wannabe with a botched lip filler!

    oh, and the heat wave abruptly ended today, back to the drizzle...booooooooooooooo :(

  8. These are hilarious, thanks for introducing us to this site.
    I too have spent many hours cracking up looking at regretsy.........seriously funny!


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