Saturday, 15 October 2011

Diggin deep in the pocket o' joy!

I'm linking up with Monica at Holistic Mum for this weeks Joy Pockets! Join in and go and check out all the joys xxx

Its been a crazy rollercoaster of a week (...its that Moon vibe again!) but it all seems to have settled again now. Little J has had Chicken Pox and been having some pretty spectaular tantrums too but he seems back to his usual self now..phew. Anyways, there were plenty of joyous moments betwixt the crazy including...

J learning to fly with Cedric the Dragon

 Getting back into making and doing!

Blue skies (albeit very briefly)

But the biggest joy this week has been the gift of HOPE! Being told that my brother will walk again, with a frame to begin with (within 6 months or so), but the new physio seems determined that he will walk. This really is so beautifully joyous to hear after 4 1/2 years of negative and jaded physios and OT's care of the NHS. My little bro really is the most inspiring and amazing guy, as are my parents who have supported and done everything possible for hoime these past few years. Their happiness and my brother's motivation and energy give me such deep joy that it makes me want to cry.
The kindness of friends, who are healing me (giving me Bowen therapy for my hip) and feeding me (thanks for looking after my boy and for the yum lunch lovely Lara!!)
Finishing work on a Friday night and driving down the country lanes with the moon shining above. (Then cracking open a bottle of rum...yum!)


My little bro is a musician and has started a blog of his own over at Spinz&Needles. Drop by and check out his work, there is a link to a little documentary they made about him in the earliest post and his strong anti-drug message. He could do with a warm welcome to blog land!


  1. Such amazing news about your brother - what a pocket of joy indeed!

  2. I didn't realise how much darkness there was in me until I heard about his walking, I feel like someone is finally holding a light for us. :)

  3. That is SUCH good news!! I am so happy for you all - and I have no doubt that your bro will achieve anything he wants, with the right support behind him :)

  4. wow, i didn't know of the story of your brother. that is amazing news! congrats to him and your whole family, you must all feel wonderful and relived!

    i tried to get Miss 3 the pox but she just wouldn't catch it. lol well done on getting it done with, and surviving. :)

  5. Little Dotty Bird,

    I am so delighted to read the good news about your brother,
    that is very special.

    Wishing him well on his journey.

    Your joy pockets have made me smile today.

    Take care

    x Fiona

  6. Thanks lovelies!
    It has been so uplifting to hear my bro's new physio talk with such positivity and enthusiasm, I wish more people could be so passionate about their jobs. The NHS have been amazing and supportive in so many ways but there really seems to be a culture of ultra caution, they dare no push you too hard or offer you anything in the way of hope in case you don't reach those goals. It stupid though cos you can achieve so much more if no one sets limits.

    The most important lesson I have learnt through the experiences of the past few years is never take anything for granted...and be grateful for all that you have.xxxx peace and love to you all xxx

  7. Oh, what wonderful news about your brother. I am sending him positive light and love. Thank you for visiting my blog, too!

  8. Hi,
    wow you've been through it. I'm sending you a big virtual hug, if that's ok! Your brother is amazing and so are you and your parents, I'm so glad that things are looking so positive for your brother. Thanks for the reminder that life is so unexpected and we have to just do our best with whatever is thrown our way, xx

  9. Such great news about your brother! That must be such a relief to you all, and give you the positive boost you're after.

  10. Beautiful pockets!! And thank goodness your boy is on the upswing! Chicken pox- aiyaiyai--great flying shot btw :). And how wonderful you have such supportive friends :).

    I just visited your brother's blog and watched the BBC documentary. What an inspiration he is and what tremendous courage he has. Congratulations to him and your family on the latest news. And thanks so much for sharing him and his message with us. My 9 year old watched the documentary with me, and I believe he was moved by his experience too, so thanks again...and much love and luck to your brother...

  11. thankyou so much for all your wonderful messages and virtual hugs! I will read them out to him when I see him later in the week!

    Its so lovely to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking the time to comment xxxxxxxxx


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