Monday, 17 October 2011

Certain kind of CrAzY

I've been in a reminiscing kid of mood this evening (and procrastinating to the extreme...aaagghh) but thought I'd share some tunes that are really resonating with me atthis present moment. For some reason, both these tunes, particularly the chorus on the Empire of the Sun track and the music about 5 minutes in to the Connan Mockasin track. Its a wonderful and arty video, love it!
Empire of the Sun - We are the People

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin LOve

You really have to be a certain type of crazy to love that track, I love it ;)

A lot of the mixed up emotional feelings are coming out because I've just watched the documentary made about my  brother again, even though I've seen it alot and its my folks and all, it just moves me every time I see it. I love my little brother more than I can express...hope you know it bro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

big love to you all x

and thanks again to all you fellow bloggers for your kind words x

(oh, and I only came upstairs to order some felt on the computer...its been two hours now...whoops!)


  1. That Connan Mockasin video is the WEIRDEST THING EVER!!! It reminds me of the modern dance class I took in college....
    I love arty weirdness. ;)

  2. We watched about 5 mins of Connan Mockasin, but it freaked me out too much.... i watched your bro's vid too, it was really interesting. What came over most strongly, apart from your bruv's courage and strength of character to get through it and to want to help others learn from it, was your parents love & support too. You are such an amazing family. X

  3. i'll listen when i get a broadband moment, thanks, i'm intrigued!

  4. different strokes for different folks ay!
    Mama foestdweller - so right! I went to see some contemporary dance a month ago and that was one of the weirdest things Ive ever seen..we were in the front row and I didnt know whether it was meant to be funny or if I could laugh or not!?

    ...Embrace the weird! Its wonderful :)

    thanks chloe, my parents have been incredible these past few years, they have done everything possible to help and support him, and the crazy thing is I don't think they really realise! I'll show them your message x

    Hope you get a chance to watch it Monica...its pretty barmy, it takes you on a journery to crazyland ;)


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