Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thats fashion baby.....or maybe not!?

I was "lucky" enough on Friday to be invited to a 1980's disco...yeah baby! I managed to find a rather rad little polyester number in the local charity shop for the pricely sum of £3, including a dress, jacket (with shoulder pads) and glitzy purse. Also, bizarrely managed to buy some original 80's hair crimpers from an old geezer at a table top sale in a local church...a nice touch to my 80's persona !'s the damage....

Before....a little twee me                                                    and after...

My new persona, the 80's vixon (aka Pat Butcher wannabe)
mmmm bucks fizz
and some pics of my fabulously gorgeous mates
 such a sexy mullet!

party on!

If only I could get the damn cheesy music out of my head...I keep humming Rick Astley and Flash Dance.


I'm linking up with the lovely Suphie from Her Library Adventures to share my wares!

Wishing you all a awesome week! x


  1. Hahaha, love it! I am all set if I'm ever invited to an 80s disco, I have a fab 80s jumpsuit I'm dying to have an excuse to wear...

  2. Wow you look fantastic.

    Love the outfit.

    Glad you had a good night,
    are you still singing?


  3. cheers girls, I did particularly like the crimped hair! It was a good laugh with some seriously sketchy dancing going on!
    Lakota, you'll probably find that your junpsuit is actually the height of fashion, I went on a rare shopping trip the other day only to find that town is full of hideous 80's fashion again....why can't they leave it to rest!?? Go on...wear it down Tesco's I dare ya! ;) You'll need stilettos, leg warmers and a massive puffy perm to complete the look! nice ;)

  4. scrunch-dried hair, leg warmers and a little bit of rick astley never hurt anyone.......
    looks like fun

  5. that looks like fun!
    i am not very keen on the 80`s but i would love to join a party with this theme ; )


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