Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little Owl LoVe

I've been thinking about making a few smaller things for the upcoming stalls and I came up with this mini Owl brooch/hairclip. He's rather cute and has already been claimed by my daughter, Little Miss M!! My brain is going on overdrive with ideas, which always tends to be the case when I've got lots and lots to do!! I am the Queen of procrastination!
I'll post another pic when he's actually finished...I have so many works in progress it's getting a little crazy!

Wishing you a lovely week...Wednesday tomorrow...half way to the weekend..hooray!

Love Dotty 


  1. a very cute owl, thinking you will have to go into mass production as he will be so popular.

  2. I love your Owls! What is it about Owls that make us so happy? Maybe because they are wise and watch over the world at night....


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