Sunday, 5 June 2011

Being and Doing

It's a bit daft to buy a cover just because of its title...but i glimpsed it sitting in the window of the charity shop and i was intrigued!

being and doing what with whom...?
The dedication is pretty mysterious too...who are the being and doing guild?? Thats a pretty big premise I reckon!
anyway, a few little helpful snippit from my new wise book of words...
" Exactness in little dutues is a wonderful source of cheerfulness"  and " Don't speak of what you are going to do. Do it.". The last one was W.H Hunt...not Nike!

Anyways, apologies for randomness of post, have been crazy hectic with work & family lately...some crafting soon (I'll do it....oops I may have gone against the advice already!!). But hey, unfortunately this evening I just want to slob out drink tea and eat chocolate!  Heres a good ol' pic of a card I made for a lovely friend.
Take care x

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