Monday, 27 June 2011

Delegation weekend

I got lawns mowed and hammocks hung (£5 carboot bargain woohoo!)
It is so lovely to lie in but not so much when kids jumping and climbing on you..! ouch
Also been starting on the broad beans, kindly de-podded by my demanding and somewhat volatile assistants.
 enjoyed the flowers..
Foxgloves (definitely NOT edible!!!)
lovely Borage flowers (which are edible)

Calendula (edible petals) 
 and is the final piece I did for the course.
All stitched and painted from a photo I took of the (slighly run-down) beach huts in Hove. I always liked the ones with peeling paint and warped wood the best. They look like they've had a good life by the sea!
bye folks x

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