Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sketchy stuff

I did a brilliant and inspiring evening course (NCFE level 1) in creative machine embroidery back in Brighton (lovely lovely Brighton...I miss you..!). The teacher, Wendy Dolan, was really generous in her teaching and we covered alot of the methods used by textile artists ( The beginning of the course was mostly about learning how to draw and write freehand with the machine. Its a really exciting way of working on the machine and has been made popular lately by textile artist Poppy Treffry (see her at )  Here are a few pages from my sketchy work folder.

 My final project was a picture of the beach huts. Stereotype seaside image but its a lovely reminder of my (child) free seaside days...
I'll post a pic of the huts on the next uinstallment!  I really need to find a creative course of some description around here...I'm having withdrawal symptoms since leaving Brighton!


  1. lovely : ) i like particularly your tree

  2. thankyou! Ive been meaning to make a shadow box or a layerd picture in in a box-frame with that type of sewing for day
    Its quite simple to do, just takes alot of thread. I''ll get around to doing a tutorial on it at some point!.


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