Monday, 20 June 2011

A geeky (not so crafty) moment...

My apologies for this somewhat random post...featuring no crafting at all, but its been a hectic few days and this video just amazes me. I may just watch it every morning as my meditation!

This may seem bizarre but when I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the relentless nature of life, I find solice in remembering the fact that we are spinning about at a colossal speed in always puts things into perspective for me!
I love this little film...hopefully this link will work!
(ok I am a bit of a weirdy geek, I blame Brian Cox and Bill Bryson!!). Oh and I am loving reading his new book "At Home:A short history of private life". His book A short history of nearly everything was amazing, just wish I had the brains to remember some of it!)
enjoy x

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