Sunday, 25 September 2011

super slack

Sorry I've not been around the blogasphere for a while now! , life feels likes its marching on at a most ridiculous pace and I'm more than just a little overwhelmed with it all at the moment. Its was little Miss M's party today and my head it still buzzing from it all.

Anyway, on a random note it really did make me realise how fortunate we are in my little part of the world, all the kids are happy, well fed and loved cared for (and have more toys than they could ever EVER possibly need...or appreciate!).

oh, and I made a pretty cool 'Hello Kitty' requested by M, was quite glad she changed her mind about the Superted cake idea...that would have been somewhat more taxing...and sketchy!!

just ignore the kitchen roll, face paints, phone and other debris around it...oops!

A friend just showed me a link to this beautiful home...I want to live there!!! It looks like the most homely and inviting house and just to top it off they built it themselves for only £3000 in stunning woodland. It's given me something to daydeam about!

 take care my lovelies xxxxxxxxxx


  1. That cake looks marvellous, I hope she had a lovely birthday. I feel like time is going so quickly at the moment and the days just seem to be getting away from me. I'm sure if we all lived in a house like that we would be so relaxed that the days would drift by and we'd have all the time in the world! (It makes me think of Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings - it's magical!) x

  2. Great cake! And that house looks amazing. If I can't have Cesar Manrique's house in Lanzarote (built inside lava bubbles) I'd settle for that one.

  3. i love the hello kitty cake!!!

  4. cheers ladies, she did have a fab birthday but I ran myself ragged, I'm just so happy it didn't rain, 15 kids squashed in my little house would have been not so pleasant (to put it mildly)!
    It really is like a little hobbit house, although it made me laugh reading the article (I linked to it) thinking of the poor mum stuck in a caravan with two toddlers for months on end while he was building it...that part must have been not so magical!

    Lakota - Just checked out Cesar Manrique's house, it looks rather amazing too...I can feel a post coming on dedicated to strange and beautiful homes!

  5. The cake is fantastic. My goodness I could never in a million years do that - well done you!!

    Hope that you are having a good Tuesday.

    x Fiona


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