Monday, 2 May 2011

hello and welcome...

to a blog about stuff and things! Stuff that I'm making and things that happen in and around my little world.

button eyed folk of brighton

The adventure of dotty bird begins about 6 years ago with the (strange) little creatures that sparked my love of sewing. My mum had lent me an old singer machine, which i had no clue how to use properly but I managed to fandangle myself some sketchy net curtains for my flat and even more sketchy little button eyed folk. I made one to cheer up my bloke and then made a load more and then planned an empire of scrappy button eyed folk. I took an evening course in freehand machine embriodery and a tonne of other pretty random workshops...including a needlefelt doll making one which led to the freakiest thing I have EVER made (which is still hidden somewhere in the depths of my crafty crud stash). Needless to say it did not represent the Fearie like figure that I had envisioned!

what is this thing i have created....?

I think her lip fillers went wrong?
and then I tried to fix the freakiness...
stuff of nightmares

it didn't work! Still makes me laugh though.
and with that beautiful image...I say farewell for now

1 comment:

  1. Love it. She looks a bit like Alex Kingston would if she was 70 and had a lifetime of plastic surgery. Thanks for sharing!


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