Tuesday, 3 May 2011

and the point is....?

I am a crafty mother and my aim is  to document my creative journey and projects I am working on regardless of whether they turn out to be fabulous or crud. I have been an avid follower of many creative/family blogs for the past few years and I like the idea of joining in more fully in the online crafting family network.My main interests at the moment are card making, using freehand machine embroidery, collage, sketching, making birds and daydreaming..alot. There is also alot of growing going on in the garden, a mass of vegetable planting and weeding. In a few months I will again become chutney crazed as I fill my home with vinegar and onion fumes.

 A peek at the first bird I ever made (for my flamingo loving friend about 4 years ago). He is now living near Brighton mounted on some fabulous patterned fabric in a black box frame..the bird that is, not the friend!.

Painting by Tania Corbett (Brighton) and bird by me.

 Must go now and tidy the aftermath of dinner as left by two toddlers. Oh the joy.
bye bye


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