Sunday, 8 May 2011

The art of faffing

One of my favourite quotes is from Ralph Blum's Book of Runes
"For even more than doers, we are deciders. And once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless".

In the moments of peace amongst the choas of kids I spend alot of time daydreaming about new craft projects, looking through my old book stash or staring at the garden thinking about what to grow. I did alot of that today.
View across fields behind my house

Some images from my favourite vintage lovelies ...
From Babar's friend Zephir

  I might just have to paint all my shoes like this and wear them ....or maybe my mans work shoes. hmmm!

I love this page from my 1950's Ladybird,"Things to Make" book. Its for a "useful hearth brush" which would apparantly make "an acceptable little present". How twee indeed!

   and on that note..Good night!

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