Thursday, 19 May 2011

I don't much fancy yours...

A lovely thing happened today as I was sitting quietly on the stairs enjoying a rare moment of peace as the kids were playing. A little house martin flew in through the back door (opposite the stairs) and hovered in the hallway and then darted into the livingroom hovered and then darted out again. He obviously didnt much like the look of the mess of toys and piles of washing everywhere and quickly scarpered.

Speaking of birds, I havent had a chance to get crafting lately but these are some little fella's I made last year. The bird pattern is free to download from the blog at They are quite addictive to make once you've started and a friend of mine made dozens of them for her wedding reception marquee. They looked amazing, I'll find a shot of them soon too.

Wishing you sunshine in your day...x

by M 4yrs (with some help from Ma! )

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