Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sketchy late night gardening

No crafting today folks, just about managed an hour or so gardening after kids were off to bed. It was 8pm by the time I got out and light was fading fast so I attempted to cram as much as I  could into the last rays of light. This did however  lead to a series of unfortunate events, firstly i filled my boot with water after trying to fill the watering can at high speed and then my crowning moment, shortly after admiring my lovingly sewn bed of greens and lettuces I slipped and fell on the edge of the raised bed and very nearly squashed the entire lot.

so gardening tip not run around like a speed freak
                    tip no. not attempt to garden in the dark
good night!


  1. Cute blog Dotty Bird. I live across the pond from you in the states, New Jersey to be exact. One of my favorite things to do is click on a item in my profile and find like-minded people and their blogs. Our common link was Driftwood. Have a happy day tomorrow...I'm thinking you are in bed because you are about 6 - 8 hours behind us. Kathy

  2. Hi, thanks for your message (the very first Ive had!) I'm pretty new to blogging and I love the way you can meet different folk from around the globe. I've not yet told any friends or family (apart from my man) about my blog so I didnt expect anyone to find it yet but ut was a pleasant surprise to see that its been read. I had a peek at your blog, your duck problem made me laugh! My main garden enemy at the moment is a mole that keeps digging up mounds of earth in the middle of my veg patch!
    Cheers and cheerio, Lisa


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