Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Elderflower Alchemy and beans!

Have made the first (10 litre) batch of Elderflower Champagne today. I find it amazing that this ....

and a bag of sugar and some lemons  = super yummy alcohol.
Also in my nerdy gardener mode I was pleased to see that the first broad beans have set, we are going to have ALOT of beans soon!...although our 3 little rows pale in comparison to the acres and acres or beans filling the fields up the road!

 and the farmers fields..

Have also been building some rather rustic tepee's for the french, limca and runner beans.
My apologies for the gardening overload of late, I realise now that it was probably rather a daft idea to star a craft based blog in my manic gardening time of year. I do tend to spend alot more time crafting in the dark winter evenings. Although I am in the midst of designing and making some new cards and some new tails and wings (due to persistant nagging from M who REALLY REALLY wants to have a fox tail and wings!)


  1. Tepees look lovely! I tried to use sticks last year but found they grew faster than the peas they were supposed to be supporting.... sticking to bamboo this year (no pun intended) :) x

  2. cheers bird, i've been noticing the same cos the wood we used was only cut down a month or so ago..there are buds all over it which I keep pinching off. I thought it was only willow that regrew like that...doh! Probably stick to bamboo too next time...but they do look good!


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