Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cheesy Puns

 Here is a peek at a card I made last night for a friend (a pretty bad photo but you get the idea!)
and another one from way back in February (valentines). I'm a sucker for a terrible pun! ( a rather good one I reckon!)
Owl Always Love You

Most of my cards are made by sewing directly into the card (I use 3 fold cards so there are no visible stitches on the back). Bizarrely I find it very satisfying sewing into cardboard...I think Ive found a new fetish.

Anyways, back to terrible puns...here's another... (I'm such a saddo)
I only have eye for you
and finally back to today....my kitchen walls are now funky purple speckled following a kids painting extravanganza..nice!

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